Bargain books August 05, 2022

Morning! Hope you are having a good day. Or night, depending on where you are.

We have another suggestion today, from 1531 Entertainment. One more collection from an author we read a few weeks ago.

Brothers of Belle Fourche: Books 1-3 (Brothers of Belle Fourche Collection Book 1)

Three brothers, driven by perseverance. Three women, trying to fulfill their dreams.

Teach Me to Love
Conrad is shamed by his inability to read. When a woman shows up on his doorstep who may give away his secret, he will be tested to the limits of both his honor and his heart.

What the Heart Holds
Arnold lost his first love young. A teacher arrives in Belle Fourche and is convinced he saved her life. Her hero worship forces him to examine what he holds dear. Can he remain true to the woman he lost, or could there really be another love meant for him?

Deep Longing of the Soul
Eli killed a man in self defense. He hides his black soul from everyone by keeping his distance. A new nurse arrives in town with her own sordid secrets. A revelation, and understanding, lead to a choice: his pain or a new life?


Who knew I could be away camping with no internet and still download 20 books since July 15th. It has been a good book month.

With so many to choose from it’s not easy deciding on what to read next.

Heavy? Light? Hmmmm.

Maybe one of these.

Or maybe something else.

Decisions, decisions.

I’ll keep testing until I find a winner.

Happy Reading y’all

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