So good … read and enjoyed June 14, 2022

A well written, delightful story. Delightful in regard to humorous, well-played interactions. Dark and stressful due to an adversary with criminal intent. It was an engaging book just the same. I had to spend every available moment reading until the end.

Murder In The Dunes: A clean-read private investigator mystery (Smiley and McBlythe Mystery Series Book 7) 

A detective’s perfect vacation: sun, sand, surf… and murder.

When blind PI Steve Smiley visits his friend and writing mentor, Kate Bridges, he anticipates an idyllic South Padre Island getaway. The island’s magic spell is broken when Kate is accosted by her abusive ex-husband. Two days later, his body is found in the dunes, and she becomes the prime suspect.

With the police in a hurry to close the case and Kate arrested for the murder, Steve sets out to find the real killer. His investigation leads him into the dangerous world of dirty cops and the Mexican cartel—a world where there are no rules.

In a last ditch effort to prove Kate’s innocence, Steve lays a trap for the murderer. Can he outwit the devious opponent, or will the next blood spilled in the sand be his?


Three more read and enjoyed… very much.

A few more flagged as read but my memory of them is foggy. All I can be sure of… they were recent purchases and they are marked read. They haven’t been removed so that means they were enjoyed.

It has been an excellent reading month.

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