Read and enjoyed June 07, 2022

Book 2 is coming soon! I can hardly wait.

Christ Barritt’s newest book arrived in my electronic mail box a day or so ago, the first book in a new series. It was everything I hoped it would be. All new characters, new locations, new organizations involved, and fresh situations. I loved it.

At the very end book 2 was introduced as coming soon and guess what, it is already a bargain price on pre-order. It won’t be released until August but with the way this year is flying by it won’t be a long wait.

So book one… it’s still a bargain and I highly recommend it.

Forgotten Secrets (Vanishing Ranch Book 1)

FBI Special Agent Jesse Marx doesn’t know which is worse—waking up in a horse stable with no memories of the past several days or waking up to discover he’s wearing a wedding band. Not only has he been injured, but he’s also gotten hitched—something he vowed never to do.

Sienna Fleming refuses to feel a connection to any man, much less be tied down to one. But when she needs help solving a string of murders, Jesse is the only man she can turn to for help. Unfortunately, Jesse is ready to bolt. Considering the circumstances, she can’t blame him . . . but she also can’t let him go.

The two are roped into this together. . . for better or worse . . . because it will take a united effort to stop this killer before someone else dies.


Book two… coming soon.

Necessary Risk (Vanishing Ranch Book 2)

Former Navy SEAL Hudson Carmichael came to Vanishing Ranch in hopes of making a difference. The ranch helps people desperate to disappear start new lives–and escape from imminent danger.

When his dead fiancé shows up, her appearance rocks his world. She supposedly died in a scuba diving expedition in the Caribbean. So why is she there now? And what happened to her in the two years since she’d been “dead”?

Hudson will have to put his feelings aside to keep her safe . . . especially as more secrets are revealed.


This book, book one will be remembered as the highlight of my week. It has actually been a good run for excellent books this week. the best.

Checking out today’s emails, I may be back with more suggestions. It looks like there is a good chance!

In the meantime…

Happy Reading!

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