Read and enjoyed. May 07, 2022

The wind is crazy out there tonight. It sounds like the kind of wind they had down south today. It was so strong semi trucks were flipping over on their sides all along the highways. Scary stuff.

At least the wind wasn’t quite as bad earlier this afternoon while I was out doing spring cleanup in my flower beds. Even so, it was still challenging to corral dried leaves to dispose of them.

It something how quickly everything starts to sprout once the weather warms up a bit. It’s wonderful to find sprouts hiding under dead leaves and plant material.

So, books to share. There are a few. Not as many as I thought but still not a bad showing. There could be more but it’s not as easy to find them on the latest model of Kindle. I liked the last version better, it was easy to see what’s what.

Happy Reading y’all

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