Current read March 09, 2022

Go straight to current read. Do not pass books.

I’d like to stop at books but there were no enticing suggestions for us today.

Talk about browsing though, you will have to check out this collection even if you don’t want it. The publisher has put on quite the visual display, it’s startling in it’s impressiveness. Vivid colors, amazing graphics. Like the cover of this book only bigger.

Another thing. I’ve been downloading books from this author for a number of years but this is the first one I’ve taken the time to read. I’m surprised at how well I’m liking it. Then, the other shock is his ability to create such real emotion. His characters have intense responses to dreadful things. And the reader is drawn in right along with them. The main characters happen to be guys, which in this case is highly appropriate.

I think I’m about halfway through book one.

Signs of Life Series: A Christian Fiction Thriller Series Boxed Set 

Rogan Sneed . . . Portland’s Worst Nightmare

SIGNS OF LIFE (Signs of Life Series, Book 1)
Tragedy Strikes the City

High school teacher Tyson Cooper is just dismissing his class when a student flashes his phone. “Another shooting, Mr. C.”

And this one is too close to home. Tyson races to Pioneer Square . . . but he’s too late. The light of his life has been snuffed out—and so has his faith.

Veteran Portland Police Investigator Wayne Deetz, two years shy of retirement, is charged with leading the interrogations. When he meets 19-year-old shooter Rogan Sneed face-to-face, his life is changed forever.

Will Tyson settle for anything less than the death penalty in the case against Rogan Sneed? He’s bent on justice and will do anything to make Rogan pay for the pain he inflicted on Tyson and the entire city of Portland that rainy, haunting May day.


Check it out. See what you think.

Happy Reading!

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