Free books February 28, 2022

Another month coming to an end. Unbelievable.

We may have books today, it will depend on how many turn out to be interesting. Hopefully lots.

BookBub has a FREE suggestion.

Seeking Home: A Sweet Rockyview Romance (Family Bonds Book 1)

She’s a single mother looking for redemption.

He ‘s a widower who wants to sell the ranch that stole his family from him in a tragic accident.

Sabine Radowski’s rocky childhood left her looking for a stable future for her daughter. So when the insurance payment arrives from her estranged husband’s passing, she brings her dream alive and buys a ranch. And though she’s determined never to lean on another man, she’d still appreciate the handsome former owner’s help to get things running…

Tanner Bond is plagued by the guilt of the death of his wife and daughter. Ready to flee the property that reminds him of his loss, caring for his sick grandmother forces him to put his plans on hold. But despite the new owner’s young daughter being an ever-present reminder of his burning grief, Tanner finds himself falling for the fiery widow.


LPC Free Books has a FREE suggestion.

Murder Mezzo Forte (A Preston Barclay Mystery Book 2)

”Two professors accused of murder on a college campus must find the killer in a whodunit that plays to the beat of a unique soundtrack. The main character and narrator, Preston Barclay, suffers with musical hallucinations that started when his wife died and music passed from Faith’s soul into his.

Barclay’s female colleague is Wiccan, hired as part of the university’s new policy of inclusion. Her blue gaze burns Preston, but their budding friendship intrigues. Suspended by the administration and suspected by police of killing a fellow professor, evidence mounts against the pair, even as they conduct a risky investigation of their own. The ending has an unpredictable and satisfying twist.” ~ Publishers Weekly


Sadly, that’s it for good suggestions.

My current read is great. I’m 2/3 of the way through and still trying to decide who the killer will be.

Refuge of Redemption: The Colsons (Fog Lake Suspense Book 7) 

Home is a place of refuge—unless it’s a killer’s playground.

For years, Bear Colson has been known as the serial killer’s son. But now, someone else is behind bars for the crimes his father was accused of committing. Bear wants to believe hope for a brighter future is in sight, but he has reason to suspect more than one killer was involved.

Forensic photographer Piper Stephens’ career crashed and burned when she trusted the wrong man. Now, after discovering an alarming secret about the infamous Good Samaritan Killer, she sets out to find both answers and redemption. But things go awry when her assistant becomes the next victim.

As fear batters Fog Lake residents once again, Bear and Piper join forces to track down the truth. But the killer is determined to remain in the shadows—and he’ll destroy anyone who stands in his way.


Happy Reading!

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