Real news today February 13, 2022

Live streaming is as real as it gets, no editing or rearranging happening. What you see is what you get.

One of the best, most encouraging things to see coming out of the truckers Freedom Convoy 2022 has been unity.

Up until now Canada has been as fractured as every other modern day country. Discord and harsh words over differing opinions has become rampant everywhere.

It’s been amazing to see unity arising out of a common cause.

Many hours of my weekend were spent watching live stream videos. The beauty of this format has been authenticity. The other treasure out of these walkabouts, comments restricted to simple location information and clarification on sights encountered. There was a deliberate absence of opinions one way or the other.

It was beautiful to see laughter, cooperation, kindness and caring toward everyone crossing paths with each of them. Many nationalities and languages were represented. One of the live streamers spent time in trucks hanging out with the drivers. One driver, who as well as English spoke a language I didn’t recognize, had little time to eat because people kept appearing at his window to say thank you. There were constant references to his hero status and it was unclear to me what that was about, having not heard the story behind the comment. It had to be true, though, seeing the fondness in the eyes of people greeting him expressing appreciation for all he’s done.

This was the last video for me tonight and I’m looking forward to seeing tomorrow’s video from this young man.

There are many guys walking about doing this so there is good coverage day and night.

It has been great to see the way they keep track of each other. It was something, the way the stream I was watching ended at the War Memorial and one minute (or less) later the notification came through for this next one starting. It was a little freaky to see we were starting from the War Memorial. Obviously the new guy checked to see what was happening and where his friend was before starting his own live stream.

Through the evening viewers were along for the ride to see the camaraderie whenever they crossed paths. That’s how I found out who else I should be watching.

Batteries die faster in the cold, people change places often and we go with them.

Anyway, it was inspiring to see goodwill happening all over the place.

There are many out there recording life on the ground, I have taken note of only a few.



Kotab 123



Ottawa is beautiful, at least the part I’ve seen, it has been a treat to spend so much time walking around enjoying the sights.

Things were very quiet tonight, nothing like the huge crowds of last night, but it was still nice.

These guys and their videos are getting attention from all over the world. Amazing.

I love the sights on this video. I’m a sucker for city lights. So pretty.


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