Oops… February 14, 2022

I was supposed to be writing my daily blog post. Oops.

My mind has been caught up with thinking about Ottawa and what is happening today at the Freedom Convoy protest. Every day new names are added to the list of people I’ve subscribed to, it’s good to have many, mainly because everyone was finding it difficult to stay outside very long with the windchill. Their hands weren’t the only parts suffering. Camera and phone batteries were not liking the cold either. We needed someone else to watch when they left.

One of the guys found a solution to his problem by interviewing truckers while sitting with them in their rigs.

This morning early on, the streets were, to me anyway, uncharacteristically quiet. One surprising bit of activity was the repositioning of trucks scattered out over the surrounding area. The police even provided escort. This was surprising because we had heard the police were tasked with permanently removing them not packing them in more efficiently. Things keep changing.The other thing we heard was that there were more trucks arriving in the next day or two. Some of them must have showed up early as there more today than yesterday.

As the day wore on the crowds of people grew and grew. Today there were hundreds, Saturday there were thousands. In the center of the action Saturday it was almost impossible to move, there were so many.

This afternoon Prime Minister Trudeau declared The Emergencies Act, which means martial law. It would deploy swat teams, riot police, and soldiers with tanks. This leaves us scratching our heads a bit as after many hours spent watching live streams, the whole tenor of the place seems more like a love-in than a active riot, with looting, pillaging, and bodily harm.

I’m hoping someone is planing a legal challenge because I can’t see that there is just cause to declare such a thing. Scary insanity.

Tucker Carlson has some pretty strong ideas about such action and they sure make sense to me. Especially added to last weeks video release of question period in the Federal Legislature. Several opposition members asked questions and made observations that upset Trudeau to the extent that he stormed out of the room without a word. Who does that?

At first glimpse I’m upset with this turn of events, until I begin to hope there is possibility for cooler heads to prevail.

I’ll leave you with Tucker Carlson’s take on the situation.

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