This and that February 19, 2022

Another snow storm has moved in and my neighbor bailed me out with her offer of a grocery run. Her husband is my snow removal guy and he had to dig his way to my front door after the last snowfall. The wind is crazy and it drifted up against my door. First time since I’ve been here.

Peaceful protest. Today is the day, as one live streamer observed, that Trudeau has declared war on his own people. Armored vehicles, riot gear, armies of police armed with tear gas and rubber bullets. Horses to push people. Drones to gather intel. This is Jan 6 all over again. Fences erected around the city core. The protest truly has been peaceful, there are hours of footage to bear witness to that fact. Peace and love confuses them. Their attempts to provoke a violent reaction from the citizens has failed.

They have won the skirmish but it’s not over. Trudeau declared in a public forum, awhile back, that he admires China. In his estimation a dictator can get things done. His end game is the same future for Canada. If this is not what we want…

This mornings goings on are here.

One of the reasons it has been relatively easy for them to win at push back today was the quiet and beginning of a gradual pull-out to regroup. This is not over, can’t be over, not if we want to keep our democracy.

In lighter news..

My Amaryllis (first time ever for me) is starting to bloom. It’s amazing how quickly it grew once it got started.

It looks like watching this unfold will take the better part of my day. It is a good thing to be aware of truth and then do what we can to protect what is important.

Other live streams – Ottawalks and Travel Fun 69, and Koke

I’ll share in another post.

Free book February 17, 2022

The first and only suggestion is from BookBub, an author we have seen a few times. It is FREE.

Roping the Wrangler: Wyoming Legacy (Wind River Hearts Book 6)

The spinster schoolmarm makes a match...

Teacher Sarah Hansen has always wanted a family of her own. But a cowboy is the last man she’d consider—especially one who humiliated her in their childhood schoolroom. Oscar White is back in her life, and all grown up. He’s different than she remembers but that doesn’t mean she can trust him.

When three motherless girls are shunned by the community, Sarah and Oscar are the ones who step up to take on their care. As they work together, Sarah discovers that Oscar isn’t afraid of hardship—and that he makes quite a family man. Can the soft heart Sarah has been hiding tame the wrangler?


I’ve been spending a lot of time keeping up with what’s happening in Ottawa Canada and the Trucker’s Freedom Convoy, and abandoning books.

Here is the current live stream I’m watching. Ottawalks on You Tube. They are having quite the snowstorm. It is wet compare to our dry snow. It accumulates so much faster than ours here in the center of Canada.

These videos have disabused us of a few false rumors too so it all good.

Happy reading, and maybe viewing too

Found it, February 15, 2022

One of the videos I wanted to share earlier but couldn’t find showed up on a popular followed site. Dr. Steve Turley is another well known American figure supporting the tyranny fight wherever it shows up in the world.

This video is this morning’s Trucker news conference with an update and encouragement for the troops. Reassuring and informative. The convoy is highly organized and committees have been appointed for every aspect of daily life. This group is one of them.

In an official two language country we hear everything in both English and French. Just sayin’.

I haven’t checked for new book suggestions yet today but I will. You will hear from me if anything interesting shows up.

I’m currently watching Ottawalks live stream. It’s a beautiful day.

No political commentary, he just walks and does an excellent job at filming.

Later guys.

More news… February 15, 2022

In yesterday’s Oops post, found here, I shared about much time spent watching the live stream walkabouts and the things I’ve learned about the truckers Ottawa Freedom Convoy 2022.

The post ended with the concerning news of Justin Trudeau, Canada Prime Minister, invoking the Emergency Measures Act. This was concerning because the criteria for using this action is the need for force, which clearly is not the case. It turns out he is using this as a scare tactic to force the protesters to bow to him.

This tactic won’t work and this morning’s short video explains why. Such a relief.

The truckers and the supporters joining them have been amazing in their commitment to peaceful protest.

There were a couple of short videos confirming some of what goes on over there but I can’t find them again. One showed the protesters giving out Valentine red roses to police officers on scene. The other was of the conversation/one sided altercation between a counter protester and the father of a thirteen year old girl who had her flag stolen. It did not end well for the belligerent counter protester, many witnesses – besides the camera, saw the one-sided altercation and the inebriated man was arrested.

There are many new videos today and I would love to share them but will leave you with just one. Dave Rubin, a popular figure in the US is a huge supporter of the Canadian protest and definitely NOT a fan of Trudeau. Dave is excitable and the video is long but he is informative and inspiring.

I’m sure I will be back with more news.

This whole thing is important because they are not just fighting against mandates, they are fighting against tyranny. And this is not just a Canadian issue, it’s world wide.

The truckers are amazing in the way they manage to keep their cool under immense provocation.

I can’t go to Ottawa but I can watch videos. Every view and like counts for them. Subscribe helps them too.

Happy viewing. Be informed.

Real news today February 13, 2022

Live streaming is as real as it gets, no editing or rearranging happening. What you see is what you get.

One of the best, most encouraging things to see coming out of the truckers Freedom Convoy 2022 has been unity.

Up until now Canada has been as fractured as every other modern day country. Discord and harsh words over differing opinions has become rampant everywhere.

It’s been amazing to see unity arising out of a common cause.

Many hours of my weekend were spent watching live stream videos. The beauty of this format has been authenticity. The other treasure out of these walkabouts, comments restricted to simple location information and clarification on sights encountered. There was a deliberate absence of opinions one way or the other.

It was beautiful to see laughter, cooperation, kindness and caring toward everyone crossing paths with each of them. Many nationalities and languages were represented. One of the live streamers spent time in trucks hanging out with the drivers. One driver, who as well as English spoke a language I didn’t recognize, had little time to eat because people kept appearing at his window to say thank you. There were constant references to his hero status and it was unclear to me what that was about, having not heard the story behind the comment. It had to be true, though, seeing the fondness in the eyes of people greeting him expressing appreciation for all he’s done.

This was the last video for me tonight and I’m looking forward to seeing tomorrow’s video from this young man.

There are many guys walking about doing this so there is good coverage day and night.

It has been great to see the way they keep track of each other. It was something, the way the stream I was watching ended at the War Memorial and one minute (or less) later the notification came through for this next one starting. It was a little freaky to see we were starting from the War Memorial. Obviously the new guy checked to see what was happening and where his friend was before starting his own live stream.

Through the evening viewers were along for the ride to see the camaraderie whenever they crossed paths. That’s how I found out who else I should be watching.

Batteries die faster in the cold, people change places often and we go with them.

Anyway, it was inspiring to see goodwill happening all over the place.

There are many out there recording life on the ground, I have taken note of only a few.



Kotab 123



Ottawa is beautiful, at least the part I’ve seen, it has been a treat to spend so much time walking around enjoying the sights.

Things were very quiet tonight, nothing like the huge crowds of last night, but it was still nice.

These guys and their videos are getting attention from all over the world. Amazing.

I love the sights on this video. I’m a sucker for city lights. So pretty.


Watching live stream at Ottawa Freedom convoy Feb 12, 2022

You Tuber Ottawalks, is live streaming at the Trucker protest in Ottawa Canada, thousands are dancing and having a good time despite the cold, There were many more people this afternoon when it was warmer, even so, there are still thousands spread all around the area.

This guy has a good camera with sharp picture and he is doing an excellent job.

19,419 currently watching. He has 117K subscribers. Well worth watching.

This event will go down in history. Such a gathering is unheard of.