This and that February 19, 2022

Another snow storm has moved in and my neighbor bailed me out with her offer of a grocery run. Her husband is my snow removal guy and he had to dig his way to my front door after the last snowfall. The wind is crazy and it drifted up against my door. First time since I’ve been here.

Peaceful protest. Today is the day, as one live streamer observed, that Trudeau has declared war on his own people. Armored vehicles, riot gear, armies of police armed with tear gas and rubber bullets. Horses to push people. Drones to gather intel. This is Jan 6 all over again. Fences erected around the city core. The protest truly has been peaceful, there are hours of footage to bear witness to that fact. Peace and love confuses them. Their attempts to provoke a violent reaction from the citizens has failed.

They have won the skirmish but it’s not over. Trudeau declared in a public forum, awhile back, that he admires China. In his estimation a dictator can get things done. His end game is the same future for Canada. If this is not what we want…

This mornings goings on are here.

One of the reasons it has been relatively easy for them to win at push back today was the quiet and beginning of a gradual pull-out to regroup. This is not over, can’t be over, not if we want to keep our democracy.

In lighter news..

My Amaryllis (first time ever for me) is starting to bloom. It’s amazing how quickly it grew once it got started.

It looks like watching this unfold will take the better part of my day. It is a good thing to be aware of truth and then do what we can to protect what is important.

Other live streams – Ottawalks and Travel Fun 69, and Koke

I’ll share in another post.

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