Polka dot windows February 11, 2022

Another snow storm raged overnight and this morning we were met with polka dot windows. The sun is shining brightly after yesterday’s gray day. The cheerful rays filtering through the pretty windows make me smile. An excellent start to the day.


My current read is coming to a close and I’m anxious to see how it ends. Will the vile man with an evil plot win? This is my first time with this author and it has been a good experience. I look forward to seeing her again.

A Vessel of Mercy

An impossible marriage. An unforgivable act. A story of redemption testing the bounds of forgiveness and the depths of God’s grace.

1842, New York. Abigail Wyndham, daughter of English nobleman turned investor, Sir Rathburn, has crossed the ocean to be reunited with her father. As she comes of age, however, she discovers she is only a pawn in her father’s schemes, fated to secure a business deal and preserve the family reputation.

Charles Henderson appears to have it all: a thriving shipping company and the hand of the prized Lady Abigail Wyndham. But he is a broken man who commits the unspeakable—an act that threatens to ruin all he has built and puts Abby’s very life—and faith—at risk. In a prison of his own making, Charles grapples between guilt and God’s grace. Can a sinful, self-seeking man ever believe in the hope Abby so desperately wants him to receive? Or will scandal send him to the gallows?


I haven’t checked for book suggestions yet this morning, if anything shows up I will be getting back to you later.

Happy reading!

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