More this and that January 05, 2022

They have arrived. Yesterday I mentioned one of my sons and his family had lifted off from Asia on their way home after too long (restrictions and all that.) They have landed! We are excited, I’m sure you can’t tell! Since I’m in the middle of Canada and they landed on the west coast, we need picture proof once they are finished with customs. They will be exhausted after weeks of preparation and then the long flight, but joy at being home safely with family will overrule all that, at least until they see their beds. Those of us here in middle Canada are content with having them back in the country even if it will be a number of weeks before we get to hug them in person.

Meanwhile, back here in my reality, I will have to fetch one of my local grandsons from his friend’s birthday party soon. He wants to spend the night at my house and I couldn’t be happier. The promised snow storm is underway and I need to grocery shop for today and tomorrow. It’s cold and snowy but at least I will have help packing and carrying. He doesn’t know the plan just yet. He may groan a little but he’ll help. Especially if I promise pie and ice cream.

He doesn’t know I’m hoping to take him out for supper, weather permitting. I have a Christmas gift of dinner for two and this is my first chance to find an available “someone”. He is good company and we will have a good time.

Tomorrow his brothers and parents will be here to install my new kitchen tap. The old one developed a leak and I am excited to have a working tap and hot water in that sink once again.

Today has turned out to be a good day, even if it is grey. No brilliant sunshine in sight.

The snow is so dry and fine, it’s difficult to see it falling but trust me, it is.

I haven’t noticed much of interest in book suggestions this morning but I will double check again later just to be sure.

The beauty of dry, fine snow is the small accumulation. No deep drifts to drive through when I’m out and about. What a blessing.

Enjoy your day.

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