This and that January 04, 2022

We had lift off. I’m excited and relieved all at the same time. We can never be sure things will go well until the door closes and the plane starts to move. It was comforting to have a text saying we are on board.

My son and the rest of his family are on their way back home to Canada. So looking forward to seeing them. It’s been way too long, mostly because of all the restrictions of the last two years. Mind you it will be awhile until we actually get to see them. Canada is big and they are not landing anywhere near me.

In the meantime one of my daughter’s sons will be at a birthday party near me and he asked his mom if he could stay overnight with me. How cool is that for a young teen? The rest of his family will be here Sunday to install my new kitchen tap, replacing the leaky one. It will be a treat to have hot water in that sink again.

My current read is very different, that’s for sure. Different centuries involved. I’m still trying to figure out where she’s going with this.

Maybe I’ll have time for more tomorrow. Maybe not though with a grandson to enjoy.

Happy Reading y’all.

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