No new books February 02, 2022

Another day with no new books. I did search a little but … it was a decidedly unfruitful experience. We won’t lose heart though because the drought will not last forever. It never does, and I’m grateful. I begin to experience withdrawal symptoms if it lasts too long.

Must share. I love the shadows on the snow when the sun shines so brilliantly, What a change over stormy yesterday. The snow still clings to the house, around the windows.

A good portion of the big mound on the deck is from the snow sliding off the roof. In my early years here I would shovel it off the deck onto the lawn, that idea didn’t last too long. It’s been years.


Yesterday, I mentioned I was currently reading book one of a four book collection. Well, I finished that and have moved on to book two. I think I’m past the halfway point by now. I’m liking it, although there are parts of it that remind me of book 1. Same lady, different name and circumstances, sort of. It is still worth reading.

Dakota Brides Boxed Set: Books 1-4

ABANDONED BRIDE Elin Hanson has traveled across the ocean as a mail-order bride. When she arrives in the Dakota Territory, she finds the man she has planned to marry has abandoned her–and left her to care for his young son.

Sam Andrews has his hands full running his ranch. The last thing he needs is a woman and little boy getting in his way. When Elin’s groom-to-be comes home, she must make the choice: settle for a loveless marriage? Or hold out for love? 


Maybe tomorrow will be the day with a boatload of new books.


Happy reading…

with the neglected windfall I know most of you have already. Most likely sitting on your night stand.

Just like me. Although mine are not sitting on a night stand.

That’s the beauty of an e-reader. There is no towering stack to make me feel guilty.

There is just a cute slim book, making me feel good.


Tomorrow I will tell you about book three in this book collection.

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