Bargain books January 11, 2022

Another favorite author’s pre-order bargain , Christy Barritt, showed up for me today. One thing lead to another and we have four more of her books, three of them new on pre-order. This is a very good day.

The House on Dagger Point (The Beach House Mystery Series Book 3)

Olivia Beaumont flees from a scandal plaguing her family. But when she arrives in Folly Beach, South Carolina, she discovers even more trouble may be waiting for her there in the House on Dagger Point.

Is the mysterious man next door a friend or a foe?

Is her rental’s history just as deadly as the name suggests?


And another pre-order!

Tone Death (The School of Hard Rocks Mysteries Book 3)

Camryn Paine never expected life in her forties to take the turns that it has.

But when a famous Mukbang chewing artist is threatened, Camryn and her expert auditory skills are called on to help.

On top of that, Camryn’s father, a world-renown conman, has been released from prison and shown back up in her life.

And love has come knocking . . . if she’s ready to answer.


One more…

Brandon: Lantern Beach Blackout, Danger Rising (Lantern Beach Blackout: Danger Rising Book 1)

He broke her heart once. It will only happen again over her dead body.

The last person Finley Cooper ever wants to see again is Brandon Hale. Two years ago, he faked a relationship with Finley to get intel from her father, a defense contractor. Now Finley needs protection, and, against her wishes, Brandon has been assigned the job. Even worse, they need to pretend to be a couple in order to not raise suspicions.

Brandon Hale doesn’t blame Finley for hating him. He hadn’t intended to hurt her. He’d only been following orders—though his feelings were anything but pretend. Now, as a new Blackout operative, Brandon’s first assignment places her in his path again. Not only is Finley in danger, but she’s also one of the only people who can help him find answers—answers that will not only keep both of them alive but thousands of others.

In order to carry out his assignment, Brandon must regain Finley’s trust. Can he convince her she means more than a job to him before peril closes in?


Last but not least…

The Baby Assignment: A Riveting Western Suspense (The Baby Protectors)

Tasked with figuring out who left a baby girl at the Houston FBI office, Special Agent Tanner Wilson has only one hint—his ex-girlfriend’s name written on a scrap of paper. But child psychologist Macy Mills doesn’t recognize little Addie, and someone’s dead set on abducting her…even if it costs Tanner’s and Macy’s lives.

And with Addie and Macy as targets, Tanner’s new mission is to protect them both—at the risk of his own life and heart. Macy will do anything to help him find who’s after Addie, and make amends for her past mistakes.

But for their reunion to become a second chance at love, they must find a way to survive the danger threatening to tear them apart.


I am very excited about today’s treasures.

I hope you are too.

Happy Reading!

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