Free and bargain books November 07, 2021

I forgot all about time change, it’s a good thing our devices are set up to change themselves.

To be honest, I really didn’t care, I didn’t have anywhere to be. It was kind of nice, though, to get up and find out it was earlier than I thought it was. An hour added to my day. Bonus.

So on to books.

BookRunes has a FREE suggestion that turned into three books. Two FREE and one bargain. There are 10 books already in my library from this author so that’s a good recommendation.

Sweet Attractions: A Small Town Sweet Romance (Love Happens Book 1)

Once upon a time she believed in him. Now he’s banking on that faith to give their love a chance.

Ethan Young understood the town of Sweet Blooms had already passed judgement on him when he was born. He came from the wrong side of the tracks. The best he could hope for was not to wind up in jail. Lydia Mason saw something in him that made him into the wealthy entrepreneur he is today. Now the town of Sweet Blooms needs a miracle of money and investment to save it. Ethan Young will save the day if Lydia Mason makes an honest man of him in front of the town and pretends to be in a relationship with him.

The only two things constant in Lydia Mason’s life is living in Sweet Blooms and loving Ethan Young. When he comes back to Sweet Blooms, she’s not sure if the boy she loved is still in there but she’s willing to take a chance. Can a fake relationship give two souls the opportunity to discover feelings that never died and nurture a love big enough to heal a town?


Silver Destiny: A Small Town Sweet Silver Romance (Silver Fox Book 1)

One had already known love.
One thought love wasn’t for him.
Together they’ll find an unconditional love that heals.

Robert Parker has been in the army and traveled the world. He comes back to retire in a place called home. He is resolved to live his life alone, but fate has other plans. He meets a widow named Delilah Cade– whose poise and quiet grace make him abandon any plan of bachelorhood.

Delilah Cade has already known the love of a lifetime. When her husband passed, she dedicates her life to her family. Now her grandchildren need her to help out in the family business. She pairs up with Robert Parker– a private and enigmatic man who reminds her that she’s still very much a woman.

When these two meet, their core values and beliefs will be put to the test. They will have to decide if it’s worth putting aside their old ways to embrace a new life and a new love.


Finding Heaven: Hidden Treasure 9 (Hidden Treasures)

A treasure worth having is a treasure worth sacrificing for

Lawrence Meyers had his freedom and nothing else. No plan on
what to do or where to go. He had tried in the prison as a chef but
that was something that had kept his sanity and brought him pleasure.
Unsure of what the future held he was surprised to see Darian
waiting for him on release day in hand with a new life. It seemed like a
great idea until he has to face Delilah, Darian’s protective sister.

Lawrence knows he should leave. The town has too many memories
and he’s carrying a secret that could cause more pain. However, Delilah
is proving to be a dish he can’t resist with her fierce loyalty, fearlessness
and gentle heart he keeps giving himself one more day of heaven.

Lawrence and Delilah pour their love into their work. Can they learn to trust another
person and discover the love of a lifetime? Can they’re newfound love weather the secrets of the past?


It’s a beautiful day out there and since most of the leaves are finally off the trees I’d better go out and clean them up. It will be lovely working in the sunshine.

Hoping you are having a good day.

Happy Reading!

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