Cheeky boys Nov 06, 2021

Everything I post must be dated; how else will I remember where it belongs in the grand scheme of things whenever it gets a fresh like. Just sayin’

So, back to my cheeky boys.

I was relaxing with my game, watching a music video, and my gaze landed on my treasured Merry Christmas blocks.

There’s not too much I can say because everyone takes a turn at it. Even me sometimes, it’s fun.

I have to admit, these guys have quite the imagination. This is the cheekiest one yet. It is now the proud gold medal holder.

This all happened while I wasn’t looking last time they were here.

Their mom was watching though, and I can’t be sure but I think she enacted her power-of-mother veto on whatever wild and hilarious phrase they came up before they settled on this one.

I’m pretty sure I need to be saying thank-you.

Boys will be boys.

I’m still wanting to know what they had that was so funny before this one.


Oh well,

It’s 10:25 PM. Do you think it’s too late for pie and ice cream?

Me neither.

Pie and my book, what could be better.

I’ll sit and eat my pie where I can look at my Merry Christmas blocks and dream about something wittier.

I think their gold medal is pretty safe at the moment.

Maybe I’ll just eat and read.

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