Currently reading a mystery October 29, 2021

I’m currently reading the new Christy Barritt book in the Salt Water Cowboys series. It has a interesting twist not seen in any other book I’ve read thus far. I wonder how they are going to get out of this situation. Of course we know they will because it’s still the beginning of the book and they are the main characters after all.

Unwavering Security (Saltwater Cowboys Book 6) 

Her plain Jane past still plays on her insecurities. His betrayal at the hands of someone he trusted leaves him on edge. Can they overcome their pasts and rely on each other when danger closes in?

Thaddeus Blackwell and Miranda Stewart have one common goal. As best man and maid of honor, it’s their duty to make sure Grant Matthews’ and Abigail Ferguson’s big day goes off without a hitch. However, after a fantastic first date several months ago, things went downhill and are now awkward, at best, between Thaddeus and Miranda.

Both were hoping to avoid each other except when absolutely necessary. But things don’t go as planned when the Texas FBI agent and New York City reporter literally fall into danger. What they uncover turns their plans upside down.

Now they’re not just helping with the wedding, but they’re trying to stay alive. Can Thaddeus offer Miranda the safety and security she craves? Or is he like every other man in Miranda’s life? Someone may silence both of them before they can find out.


Check it out, it should be fun. Although there is a dead body, so maybe not so much.

Happy Reading y’all

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