Bargain books October 20, 2021

This has been a good book week! It’s funny how fickle these weeks can be, feast or famine. So here we go.

1531 Entertainment has two suggestions for us. I have no idea how any of these will truly go as I’ve not read any of these authors yet. It will be an adventure. Alaska sounds like an adventure and it’s calling.

Alaska Calling: Alaskan Women of Caliber Series Book 2



After two years of working in a small city close to my family in Canada, my heart remains unsettled. Now, I find myself at a crossroads, not knowing which way to turn.

My calling seemed certain, now I question my career path and my relationship with my boyfriend. My futile efforts to pretend it’s all okay displace me, spinning me loose, and my world threatens to toss me into disarray. But the winds of change bring a hopeful challenge when a letter arrives from a nurse in Alaska inviting me to work at a remote clinic. Perhaps God has more in mind for me than I hope for myself.


When Loving Eyes Meet: A Historical Western Romance Book

At the young age of twenty years, Annette Prader has already tasted tragedy. After the loss of her older brothers, she stepped in to help with both the family’s saddle shop and the household with patience and grace. Ever the dutiful daughter, Annette agrees to an arranged marriage and puts aside her dream of a fairytale romance. Her world is turned upside down, though, when a charming but mysterious man enters her life, and soon she finds herself deeply in love. Annette’s destiny is about to change for good but will this mean risking her loyalty to her family?

Unbeknownst to her, this charming man comes with a secret that may break her heart and perhaps cost her very life

Αfter his father was falsely accused of murder twenty years ago, Fletch Skinner has been living a secluded life carrying the burden of his true identity. Sick and tired of the injustice, Fletch has vowed to find the real murderer that cost his father’s life, and to clear his family name. When he comes back to town though, he can’t imagine that a saddle shop will be the place to meet the woman of his dreams. Will this fateful encounter be the reason to break his solitary habits and to allow a glimmer of light back into the darkness of his life?

Seeking truth and justice, Fletch will find danger and even a chance at true love…

When their paths cross, Annette and Fletch’s fates seem predetermined. However, a life-threatening accident will bring them together and change the course of their lives forever. Yet, with Fletch’s identity getting revealed and Annette’s fear to not let her family down, can they even dare to follow their hearts and replace old grievances and long-held secrets with hope and love?


The first book is quite short and the second one is very long. Added together they could be considered regular length don’t you think? Sounds perfectly logical to me. Or maybe it’s justification. Hmmm.


BookRunes also has a suggestion. It’s book 1 of a continued 3 book story. The reviews say it is a must see read. This is another author new to me. I’m not sure what to expect but it sounds like it’s worth a try.

Hating God Trilogy: Hating God, Ignoring God, Loving God

This quote: is regarding book 1 but the same characters are in all three.

If Susan Buckley actually believed in God, she would probably hate Him. Orphaned by a drunk driver as a young girl, she has developed a rather healthy dislike of anyone or anything vaguely religious.

In her senior year of college, Susan is a leader in the Woman’s Study Department. The last thing she needs is a romantic distraction to take away from her top academic standing.

What she can’t figure out is why Carl Spenser, a wounded warrior who lost his feet in Afghanistan, doesn’t hate God. It makes no sense to her at all that Carl gives thanks in everything he does to such a ruthless God.

Granted, Carl is a rather attractive man, but Susan can’t figure out why she is so drawn to him; like a flower to the sun. All she has ever been taught is that a religious man is in total opposition to a worldly woman, yet he intrigues her. Sparks fly whenever they are in the same room?

Who is the mysterious Maria Alvarez and why is she always with Carl and why should this bother Susan if she has absolutely no interest in him? Maria is so loving, that she and Susan soon become fast friends which really complicates everything.


I was wanting to talk about something other than books somewhere along the way but it may have to wait until the weekend. It will be here in a moment, anyway, the way the days are flying by.

Happy reading y’all

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