Bargain books September 29, 2021

BookBub has a bargain suggestion for us. A collection. The first chapter has me willing to give it a go. I have read two other books by this author but didn’t make a note of my thoughts so I’d remember if I enjoyed the experience. I definitely like the first chapter in this one.

The Main Street Minden Series: A Complete Small-Town Contemporary Christian Romance Series

Falling on Main Street – (Hate to Love)

Charlotte’s world as a high-powered executive recruiter comes crashing down after a classified document under her care is leaked to the press. Taking refuge in a small Indiana town, she is determined to heal before taking back her life.

Luke Brand chases off any threat to the memory of the wife he lost too soon. When his world is invaded by a city-slicker with stunning green eyes, Luke struggles to follow God’s instruction to help the town’s newest resident. Winter Wishes (Friends to More)

Despite their long friendship and the romantic tension when they are alone together at the holidays, will Chrissy and Todd let their secrets and their insecurities hold them back from happiness? Kissing in the Kitchen

Love after 50 is impossible, isn’t it? Spring Fever (Single Dad)

Dr. Garrett Pike is entirely focused on his career. When tragedy strikes and he becomes a father overnight to his four-year-old niece, Garrett is way out of his depth. He turns to the only person he can think of—the intriguing daycare owner he met exactly one time. Summer to Remember

Danielle Washington is left with no family, no job, no car, and no money to pay rent. An unexpected call leads her across the country to her mother’s home town. Maybe the small town holds her chance to start over—or at least discover the secrets that kept her mother from ever returning.

As a middle-school teacher, Mark Dawson tries to teach students it’s okay to embrace your quirks; a lesson he also finds himself reiterating to the cute new baker in town. When he is accused of the unthinkable and his career and community threaten to crumble; the shame is too much to share.


That’s all I have for new book suggestions at the moment. Mind you, there are 5 books in this collection maybe it will make up for the lack of other good suggestions.

Today was another 30 C day and it was lovely. I was having trouble staying awake and snoozed for awhile out on the deck. There was a gentle breeze to make the heat enjoyable. What a great way to finish off summer.

Happy Reading

I’m still here. Too many bright shiny things catching my eye on the internet, keeping me glued to my chair. Times a-wasting and I’d best get moving. The plan is to mix up a batch of cookies to bake in the morning. My newly arrived grandsons will be stopping by for a few minutes tomorrow evening and it would be a crying shame to be found cookie-less at such an important time as that.

OK, I’m going.

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