Bargain books August 22, 2021

BookBub has a bargain suggestion for us. I’ve not read this author and haven’t checked out this book beyond a few pages to determine if he can write. It seems he can and from the little I’ve seen so far, I want to read this book.

Dead Man’s Journey (The Unseen Series Book 1)

Amazon quote:

A dangerous invention.
An invisible realm.
One man’s deadly search for answers begins.

When Aaron Fitzpatrick is called away from his army base in northern Australia, he is told that his father’s body has been found, missing one finger and far away from his usual jogging route.

Confused and sceptical, Aaron can’t help but suspect foul play when he learns his dad’s death isn’t the only local oddity. Several of Brisbane’s homeless have seemingly vanished from the earth, only to be returned after a wildly unsettling experience…

As Aaron investigates his father’s death, all signs point to a sinister device that is manipulating the boundaries between the earthly and spiritual realms.

When Aaron’s childhood sweetheart becomes an unwitting victim of the deadly scheme, he has just one chance to save the girl he loves from a madman with unimaginable power.

Could a reverend with the key to resurrection be the saviour of Aaron’s rescue mission? Or is he destined to lose all those he holds dear?

Dead Man’s Journey (The Unseen Series #1) is a thrilling and adventurous piece of Christian speculative fiction that asks the big questions, while delivering a stellar plot and a memorable cast of characters.



I had been participating in a fellow bloggers weekly story prompt for quite some time but was on an extended break. With no clear plans to rejoin. This week I took the bait and wrote a piece, on Friday. It’s not been posted yet but will be in a few hours. Judging by the opening paragraphs, it seems this book fits with today’s story prompt.


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