Christy Barritt new releases Part Two Aug 15, 2021

As promised here is Part 2, with a variety of bargain releases this time.

New series are always fun, I’ve read book one in this mystery series and I’m thrilled with the chance to read book 2.

The Inn on Hanging Hill (The Beach House Mystery Series Book 2)

Amazon quote:

Lindsey Waters never wanted to return to the seaside inn where she grew up. Too many traumatic memories surrounded the place. But with her career on the fritz, she has no choice but to return to her childhood home. Her plan: renovate the inn, sell it, and start fresh somewhere else.

Her strategy goes awry when mysterious incidents begin happening at the inn—dangerous incidents. Someone wants to scare her away. But why?

When she reconnects with childhood friend Benjamin Harris, Lindsey is reminded that not all her memories here were bad. But something is different about him, something she can’t quite put her finger on. She’s certain he’s harboring secrets. Can she really trust the man he has become?

With her past closing in, she’s tempted to run. Otherwise, the inn might be her final resting place.


I’ve read and enjoyed books 1 -5 and after reading the synopsis for book 6, I can hardly wait to see it.

Unwavering Security (Saltwater Cowboys Book 6) 

Amazon quote:

Thaddeus Blackwell and Miranda Stewart have one common goal: make sure their best friends have their dream wedding. As best man and maid of honor, it’s their duty to make sure Grant Matthews and Abigail Ferguson’s big day goes off without a hitch.

Things don’t go as planned when the Texas ranger and city slicker reporter stumble—literally—into an old, abandoned motel now buried by sand dunes. What they uncover turns all their plans upside down. Now they’re not just helping with the wedding but they’re trying to stay alive.

Their opposing personalities complicate everything and perhaps could even get them killed. Their friends’ upcoming “for better or worse” vows are turning into “for worse”—a lot worse—especially as danger closes in.


I’ve not seen all of this next series but I liked what I did read. I’ll have to check to see what’s going on with it, I’m not sure how I managed to miss a few. I’ll enjoy book 5 anyway.

Legacy of Lies (Fog Lake Suspense Book 5)

Amazon quote:

Madison Colson never wanted to come back to Fog Lake, Tennessee. Her family’s reputation was forever tarnished when her father was accused of a string of violent murders over a decade ago. She and her brothers were shunned from the area—by everyone except their aunt. At least, that’s how it felt.

Now her aunt is dying, and Madison is the only one who can help. But as soon as she arrives back in town, trouble starts—big trouble.

Another young woman is dead, and the method seems eerily similar to the murders her father was convicted of. Now the whole town is on edge—and pointing fingers.

When FBI Agent Ryan Michaels is sent to investigate, Ryan and Madison instantly clash. But unless they manage to work together, the killer will remain at large . . . and Madison might become his next victim.


This last series is quite different from all the other ones. I’ve read book 1 and loved it and I’m looking forward to book 2 with great anticipation.

Crime Strikes a Chord (The School of Hard Rocks Mysteries Book 2)

Amazon quote:

When Camryn Paine’s student assistant asks for her help, Camryn finds it hard to say no. The Gleason family, alumni of the music conservatory where Camryn works, hired a company to assist with a move across town. Now the company, along with a truck full of their possessions has vanished.

The family is desperate to find their belongings, especially a violin that goes back multiple generations. The request strikes a sentimental chord with Camryn.

Camryn attempts to use her refined audio abilities to pinpoint anyone who may be trying to pass the violin off as their own—and she suspects it’s someone at the music conservatory.

But the guilty party is determined to keep Camryn silent—permanently, if necessary.


I’m feeling like all this excitement is a bit over the top. The problem is it’s all true. I follow this is author more closely than any other. I think it must be her characters and the jobs she gives them. Whatever it is she does with her stories, it works for me.

I really want to write another post today but I’m getting a little bored with what I’ve been doing and really need something different. I’d like to write a story but I have no ideas in mind. Zero.

If not today maybe tomorrow inspiration will strike.

In the meantime … we can be

Happy Reading!

Trouble is, if I’m reading I’m not thinking. What a dilemma! 🙂

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