Christy Barritt new releases Aug 13, 2021

Her new releases are always offered at bargain prices and there are seven this time. How cool is that.

This first post is for a new three book series set on Lantern Beach, like a number of other series have been. I’m excited to see what she will do with this one. Two of them are pre-order which means there is no look-inside feature for me to snoop a little first.

Run Aground (Lantern Beach Mayday Book 1) 

Amazon quote:

A dead captain on a luxury yacht leads to a tumultuous seafaring journey . . .

Med student Kenzie Anderson, tired of letting others chart her future, accepts a job as second steward aboard Almost Paradise. But when she finds the captain dead before the charter even begins, her plans seem to capsize.

Jimmy James Gamble senses something vulnerable and slightly naive about Kenzie when he finds her on the docks. Realizing danger may still be lingering close, he uses his hidden skills to earn a place on the charter. But being there causes him to risk everything—especially as more suspicious incidents occur.

As they set out to sea, Kenzie and Jimmy James both wonder if they’re in over their heads. They must figure out how to stop a killer before anyone onboard is hurt . . . otherwise, both their futures might just run aground.


Dead Reckoning (Lantern Beach Mayday Book 2)

Amazon quote:

Yachtie Kenzie Anderson knows what she saw at the harbor–a woman murdered and pushed into the water. But there’s not only no evidence of a crime, but there’s no dead body either.

Jimmy James Gamble believes Kenzie, even if no one else does. But he senses the danger in the air and wants to keep her away from any more trouble–especially after their last charter.

Someone is willing to murder again to get what he wants–which brings them all to a dead reckoning as they navigate unfamiliar waters.


Tipping Point (Lantern Beach Mayday Book 3)

Amazon quote:

As the charter season continues, yachtie Kenzie Anderson suspects that beneath the tranquil surface aboard Almost Paradise are turbulent currents. Has the havoc of the past several charters simply put her on edge? Or is something dangerous hiding just out of sight?

Captain Jimmy James Gamble can’t believe it when items belonging to charter guests begin to disappear. His suspicions continue to grow deeper as secrets cause tension aboard the yacht. Just what is happening below deck on his boat?

As answers rise to the surface, neither Kenzie or Jimmy James are prepared for what they find. Have both of them reached their tipping point?


That’s all three for this series. At least we get to see the first one right away. The next two will be released two weeks apart. That will be a comfortable pace. It gives us time to cleanse the reading palate with other authors so we are fresh and ready to go when the next one shows up.

Christy Barritt Part Two post will have four books, from a variety of series. Most of them I have been following all along and I’m looking forward to the new installments.

There is no danger of the price changing anytime soon so you may see part two on Saturday.

Spread things out a bit.


In the meantime…

Happy Reading

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