Bargain books July 29, 2021

As promised, today we have the collection mentioned in the last post. And, with a little extra sleuthing two more collections showed up. It turns out, we have a nice variety of authors between the three of them. Cynthia Hickey shows up in all three collections.

To Serve and Protect 

Amazon quote:

Secrets in Amish Country…

She’d fought her way through eight long years of terror. Now she’s back home amongst her Amish people, yet Rebecca Nissley feels like an outsider. She’s lost so much. Her friends. Time with her Mamm and Daed. The possibility of a future with the man she loves.

Deputy Sheriff Sawyer Beiler thought this day would never come. After two young Amish women were murdered, and Rebecca Nissley disappeared while on Rumspringa years earlier, Sawyer believed he’d lost Rebecca for good. With the pain too much to bear, Sawyer left the Amish faith behind and joined the sheriff’s department, determined to find out what happened that summer day long ago. Now Rebecca is back…

The teacher had apparently walked in on a robbery and been killed in his classroom Resource Officer Lanell Rhodes is determined to see justice for the young man.

Pilot Connor Prescott is shocked to learn of the death of the young teacher his sister has been dating. But when he arrives at the school and seeks information, he is warned by the attractive Resource Officer that he is not to meddle in police business.

Kayla Denton wants only to make a success of the new up-scale resort her grandfather put in her charge of. Detective Chase Mitchell goes undercover as Kayla’s maintenance man to catch a hired killer after the resorts important guest. A hurricane threatens to ruin both of their plans

When Kayla’s life is put in danger, and Chase’s identity revealed, their future together starts to crumble on the sandy beach of Maui. Can these two survive a mad man and a storm to realize what they need is right in front of them?


For a change of pace we will put the romance collection in the middle.

Love Draws Near 

Amazon quote:

Adversity leads to love in these five romantic novellas by best-selling author.

Join Amanda and Drake as things come to an explosive conclusion in Paradise.

Can a shy teacher and a sad widower stand strong in their love when danger threatens?

Can she set aside prejudices from a bygone time and embrace her happily ever after?

Danger strikes. The two of them must work together to survive. Will the love they refuse to acknowledge be enough?

Can these two set aside their suspicions and regain a tender love?


And, finally …

Terror at Sea: Three mysteries aboard a cruise ship

Amazon quote:

Ready for some rest and relaxation at the end of the school year, seventh grade teacher Autumn Spencer gets on a cruise ship, hoping it’ll whisk her away to Paradise so she can clear her mind. Instead, she encounters nosy fellow passengers who won’t leave her alone, more drama than she sees in her hormonal students … and a couple of attempted murders. No matter what she does to avoid the crazies, she keeps getting thrown right smack dab into the middle of all the action.

Annie Peterson is supposed to be on vacation. . .not in wedding planning mode and certainly not in mystery solving mode. But when she meets a bride-to-be aboard the Navigator of the Seas cruise liner, Annie can’t help herself. She’s ready, willing and able to help with plans for the big day. And when the bride goes missing just hours before the ceremony, it’s Annie to the rescue! Who’s responsible for spiriting away the elusive bride? The maid of honor? The emotional mother of the bride? An over-the-top best man? The groom-to-be? A total stranger? Someone’s done the deed and it’s up to Annie to locate the MIA bride before the ship returns to port. Surely, with the Lord’s help, she can solve this mystery. Join Annie on this high seas adventure where everyone on-board is a suspect and no good deed goes unpunished.


After a painful breakup, Molly Nicholson accepts a job as a cruise ship photographer. As she is taking photos of passengers arriving to board the ship, she accidentally snaps a picture of a murder. Her dream job turns into a nightmare as she tries to stay alive amidst the beauty of Hawaii. A handsome detective on medical leave volunteers to be her bodyguard until the killer is caught. Can their blooming romance survive murder on the high seas?


11 books! We definitely have enough to keep us going for a good long while. It will be interesting to see what else could possibly show up today.

I’ll let you know if there is more.

Happy Reading.

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