Read and enjoyed July 28, 2021

Most recently read and enjoyed was a four book series. All of them were good reads but books 1, 2, and 4 stood out as favorites. Of those three, book 4 rose to the top of the podium for me.

Southern Hearts Series: Books 1 – 4

Book 4 Blown Together

When love storms in…Wealth manager Sam Conrad is accustomed to his domineering father ordering him around, especially at the bank where they both work. But when his father demands that Sam manage the inheritance of his bossy ex-fiancée, Sam has finally had enough.

He leaves in search of a new life, and attorney Big Roy Bosarge from Mobile, Alabama, agrees to mentor Sam on his quest for direction. Sam didn’t expect to be thrown together with Roy’s eccentric daughter.


I liked the well developed characters best in this book. The story moved along at a steady pace, never stalling out with filler details. The plot with it’s twists and turns was full enough all on it’s own to easily spread over the required pages.

Stories are like people, we enjoy some more than others. That’s part of the reason for my enjoyment of the last story. My favorite people lived here.


Currently, I’m reading a recent mystery download. It is a cozy whodunit. People keep dying and the PR lady is trying to figure out who is responsible. The police aren’t being all that helpful.

The Treble with Murder: a cozy amateur sleuth mystery (The School of Hard Rocks Mysteries Book 1) 

Amazon quote:

Camryn Paine has an ear for music . . . and for trouble.

When public relations expert Camryn Paine’s alma mater requests her help, she agrees to do some image intervention for the music conservatory. She’s thrown into the thick of things her first day on the job when she witnesses a student drop dead during a talent show sound check.

Camryn’s unique auditory abilities lead her to suspect foul play. The more questions she asks, the clearer it becomes that something is amiss at the school. She’s determined to crack the case before any more dead bodies are found.

Unfortunately, her abilities also make Camryn a threat to a killer who doesn’t want anyone to hear the truth. Will she solve this case and redeem the conservatory’s reputation? Or will her body be the next one to take center stage?


I haven’t seen any interesting bargain suggestions yet today but will share if it happens later.

Happy Reading

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