This and that July 25, 2021

Right where I’m supposed to be.

Like most people I look at my life compared to others, convinced I come up short. What have I done that would amount to anything?

Lately, I’ve been hearing voices of reason saying there is only one you, the one person equipped with your unique talents. There are things only you can do. If you don’t do them they will be left undone. Be you. To the best of your ability.

I’m listening. Working toward being at peace with being me.


Switching gears completely; there was an interesting email yesterday from prolific and popular author Davis Bunn. There were two attachments, one was a reading from his latest book and the other was a tour of his current address. They are living in a palace, how awesome is that.

I’ll share them here for you.

Here is a peek at his latest book. I’ve read and enjoyed the sample.

Prime Directive 

Amazon quote:

Lieutenant Amanda Bostick is ordered to investigate why scientists on a distant outpost on the planet of Lorian are being murdered with no alarm raised.

“In the past ninety days, sixteen colonists have been murdered, and nobody thought to report it until now?”

When a number of scientists are mysteriously killed on an insignificant scientific outpost on the planet of Loria and no alarm is raised, Commander Rickets of the Galactic Space Arm (GSA) is angered that no one can explain why. Rickets orders Lieutenant Amanda Bostick along with two armed Guardians, Sergeant Hamoud and Corporal Nasim, to investigate.

All three have faced setbacks in their careers and time is against them: the GSA is demanding answers within ten days. But they have no idea what to expect as there are few reports on the planet.

Why are the scientists being killed? Is there more to the mission than first appears? Are the sentient Lorians who inhabit the planet more of a threat than the GSA realize?


This wasn’t on my radar for today’s post but now that it is I am more than happy to share with you.

If any other sudden inspirations pop up, I will plan on This and That part two.

Enjoy your day.

Happy Reading.

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