Most recent favorite book July 24, 2021

This was a stay up all night reading kind of book. I wasn’t sure, going in, if I’d like it so it was a wonderful surprise to find I loved it.

31 Kisses (Christmas Fiction) 

Amazon quote:

When one plus one equals thirty-one…

It happens every day.
Guy meets grandpa–and girl.
Guy knocks grandpa off ladder
Guy kisses girl to make it “all better.”
Every day.
For a month.
Just your normal, average, all-American romance…

Meet Chessie and Carson. She goes “all out” for Christmas (and every other holiday including Columbus Day, Cinco de Mayo, and Flag Day); he doesn’t own a single thing that could be considered decorative–unless you count the stickers he stuck to his dresser back when he was three.

Neither of them have ever had a serious relationship; both are opposed to frivolous expressions of affection. How on earth did they get tangled up in a “kiss-a-day-during-December” pact?


Chautona has a view of life that is uniquely her and it adds a special flavor to her books. I don’t always get Chautona’s humor or even the way she has the character’s think and interact. This time I totally got it. All the way through. It was perfect. Most of what happened was unexpected and it added a depth to the story that kept me reading.

I loved this book.


My current read is a historical romance set back in the days of wagon trains, settlers, and the wild wild, west. It’s not quite as engaging as 31 Kisses but it has still captured my attention. I don’t think I can afford to read all night again tonight though.

The Accidental Guardian (High Sierra Sweethearts Book #1)

Amazon quote:

When Trace Riley finds the smoldering ruins of a small wagon train, he recognizes the hand behind the attack as the same group who left him as sole survivor years ago. Living off the wilderness since then, he’d finally carved out a home and started a herd–while serving as a self-appointed guardian of the trail, driving off dangerous men. He’d
hoped those days were over, but the latest attack shows he was wrong.

Deborah Harkness saved her younger sister and two toddlers during the attack, and now finds herself at the mercy of her rescuer. Trace offers the only shelter for miles around, and agrees to take them in until she can safely continue. His simple bachelor existence never anticipated kids and women in the picture and their arrival is unsettling–yet enticing.
Working to survive the winter and finally bring justice to the trail, Trace and Deborah find themselves drawn together–yet every day approaches the moment she’ll leave forever


Happy Reading

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