Must post

Must post, can’t be breaking the posting streak again so soon.

I’ve only minutes to get this done in time while it’s still today so I’ll talk quick. I had good intentions but my nose was in a book and I lost track of time. Shocking I know.

I was relaxing after an awesome family time to celebrate a high school graduation.

It was fun. We ordered in from a new place serving Middle Eastern food. It was delicious and the portions were huge. Probably because Obby Khan owns it’s and he’s a retired footballer with a footballer appetite. Our boys will eat what the ladies couldn’t.

The evening felt special for our grad and it was even more exciting when a parade of cars dropped by the house with signs, horns blowing and shouts of congratulations.

Tomorrow they will do a drive-through at the school to receive his diploma, dressed in cap and gown accompanied by siblings and proud parents.

Must go.

Here is the book I’m reading…

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