This and that – June 15, 2021

This will be short but at least it’s something and that’s what I’m aiming for after all.

I’m currently reading and very much enjoying a collection with authors mostly unknown to me.

Adventure Brides

I’ll skip the synopsis this time and just say that adventure has been a good description of the stories so far. I’ve finished the first two and I’m about to start the third. It’s too early to tell but it’s off to a good start.


Podcasts. It turns out I collect them like I collect books. My subscribed list is longer today than it was yesterday.

Jordan B Peterson. I’ve listened to and enjoyed interviews with him on other podcasts but yesterday, I discovered lovely long interviews on his podcast. Last night I binged. One interview was an hour and a half long, the second was over two hours.

I like him because he is thoughtful and deep. He doesn’t hold a lot of preconceived ideas and he is not looking for confirmation of his point of view. He comes from an academic background and his mind works in a way that mine does not. Still, while I don’t always understand the point he’s making and how he got there, I’m soaking up the experience. His open mind, thoughtful consideration, and courtesy toward ideas he disagrees with is refreshing and it challenges my mind to move beyond it’s current boundaries. There is a much larger world out there to be explored.

The other thing I like about him is his choice of guests. They are also thinkers who can match him in thoughtful dialogue. It’s a discussion not a debate. It’s a sharing of ideas and I love it.

To find him search Jordan B Peterson on YouTube or even do an internet search for his website. He can be found on many platforms.


I am enjoying this space, reflecting on last night’s experience.

I’ll reserve changing the subject for another post.

Have a great day.

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