Bargain books part two June 11, 2021

There were indeed, more interesting book suggestions today. This first one suggested by 1531 Entertainment is from an author I’ve enjoyed for many years. On top of that, her subject is dear to my heart. I have a houseful of unfinished craft projects dating back decades. Some from my twenties have survived as mementos, memories of special days gone by.

One such craft was learned from a beloved landlady who loved to share and teach. Another craft was learned as creative way to find a purpose for stacks of computer cards used for billing at the company I worked for. They were punched so the computer could read them. They were long and narrow, I folded them to make a point on one end, glued them in layers of leaves around a cardboard circle. Spray painted them sparkly gold with added decorations in the middle and voila, we had Christmas wreaths.

I went on from there to use yarn, fabric, acrylic paint, embroidery floss, and many more fad-ish things gong around. Many people keep photo albums, I keep unfinished projects along with all of the material and equipment needed to complete them. I think, subconsciously, I have this idea that we don’t have to say goodbye as long as there is still more to be done. I like keeping my friends close for a long time.

I can’t help it, I was born this way! A little crazy.

So, getting back to books…

Half Finished: A Novel

Amazon quote:

In bestselling author Lauraine Snelling’s new novel, a group of women realize that life is full of half-finished relationships and projects. However, they discover that the outcome is not as important as the journey.

Recognizing how common it is for crafters to start many projects and finish few, a group of women join together to form a guild-Unfinished Projects Anonymous-to keep each other on track and accountable. Three of the friends are tasked with the job of home visits for their guild. Laughingly called “the Cartel,” they snoop around craft rooms and knitting baskets to report on progress for the members. They even expand their mission to include checking on half-trained dogs and half-weeded gardens.

As life unexpectedly changes for one of the members, this ensemble of women in bestselling author Lauraine Snelling’s new novel discovers that much of life is half-finished-projects, friendships, the raising of children, even our very relationship with the Lord. And that may be perfectly fine.


BookBub also had a suggestion. I have several books from this author including book one from this collection. I can’t remember if I’ve read it though.

Murrells Inlet Miracles boxset: Books 1 – 3 

Amazon quote:

Fall in love in Murrells Inlet!

  • Book 1: Sanctuary: Successful Philadelphia attorney Nora Ramsey never even knew there was another life for her before Aunt Edie left her with a ramshackle mansion and once-thriving horse business. Veterinarian Shaw Flynn seems a partner, then a love interest, before she discovers his deepest and darkest secret.
  • Book 2: Restoration: Young, single mom Carly Milner was making it on her own raising her toddler Grace and finishing her education so she could launch her professional career. When the love of her life, Ryan Melrose returns, wanting a place in Grace’s life, can she ever trust him again?
  • Book 3: Crescendo: 2019 Illumination Awards Bronze Medalist! A rags to riches story in the world of country music, with a twist! Black sheep in a wealthy family Haley Witherspoon has finally found the career that brings her passion, and it’s with handsome aspiring country musician, Blake Scott. Can they overcome her family’s disapproval, his internal guilt, and mounting danger from a fan to achieve success?


I’m currently reading and enjoying the latest book in a series I’ve been closely following.

Gabe: a clean romantic suspense novel (Lantern Beach Blackout: The New Recruits Book 4)

When former Navy SEAL and current Blackout operative Gabe Michaels is almost killed in a hit-and-run, the aftermath completely upends his life. He’s no longer safe—and he’s not the only one.

Dr. Autumn Spenser came to Lantern Beach to start fresh. But while treating Gabe after his accident, she senses there’s more to what happened to him than meets the eye. When she digs deeper into his past, she never expects to be drawn into a deadly dilemma.

Gabe has been infatuated with the pretty doctor since the day they met. Now, can he keep her from harm? Could someone out of his league ever return his feelings or will her past hurts keep them apart?


Happy Reading!

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