A little of this and that.

My mind is mush these days, too many distractions going on and it’s hard to think up something good to write. Hopefully, just starting will work for me one more time.

The first thing on my mind is a book I finished earlier today. It was an ok book but I only gave it 3 stars and I think I’m feeling a little guilty about that. It’s true, it was only worth that to me but I feel bad saying it out loud.

I’m pretty sure my assessment fell under the category of personal opinion rather than technical deficiencies.

I’m not a big fan of emotional struggles within the characters, with them spending most of their time on internal dialogue with themselves. Both main characters were caught up in their own issues and between them, all this thinking took up a major chunk of the story.

Did I mention I’m not a big fan of this writing technique? I prefer to see action of some sort moving the story along.

I don’t think there is a fix for the weakness in this case. It would take a rewrite with a different approach and in the end it would be a whole new book.

Like I say, I think my assessment was personal preference. I’m sure many could disagree with me and love the book.


I’ve spent the weekend diligently reading, trying to catch up a little with the growing backlog of unread books. This means I’m also accumulating a backlog of read books. I think I will add the covers here just to get them gone. Nothing stood out as special these last few days, that’s probably why I could motor through them so quickly.

Although, I did like Double Agent pretty well.

Double Agent: Faith in the Face of Crime (Love Inspired Suspense Book 1) 


Read and mostly enjoyed.

Well, I wasn’t planning on spending so much time with books on this post but it has been good to clean things up a bit.

And besides, if I’m honest, I’m listening to a live podcast while I’m doing this. Not exactly the best way to come up with an awesome post.

I’ll try a this & that post another day to see if I can’t do a better job of it.

In the meantime,

Happy Reading!

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