Free book March 03, 2021

BookRunes has a FREE suggestion for us from an author unknown to me. The first few paragraphs are well written and the cover is beautiful. It’s short and it’s free so what’s to know. I’ll take a chance.

Bachelor Buttons: A Novella of the Civil War 

Amazon quote:

The daughter of immigrants who fled the Irish Potato Famine, Rose Meehan longs for a better life than the tenements of New York City.

Courted by two men–a young doctor who represents material security, and a poor violin instructor who has captured her heart–she must choose between the two.

When Manhattan explodes in mob rule following Lincoln’s unpopular draft, Rose’s decision could mean the difference between life and death.


Currently I’m reading and enjoying ….

A Still Small Voice by Rachel C Duncan

Amazon quote:

Jerusalem, an ancient city, is a land cloaked in mystery, legend, and intrigue. Within the heart of this age-old city dwells a lovely young woman – Julia, as whimsical and restless as the great city itself, her head filled with dreams of adventure and romance, her vision clouded by a daring young man of striking countenance, flashing eyes, and broad shoulders.

Residing in a magnificent villa nestled comfortably within the imperial Upper City, Julia knows no other life than the plush, comfortable one she shares with her mother, her wealthy merchant father, and a vast array of household staff to meet her every need.

Will her perfect world be shattered if she insists upon wedding the handsome guard who protects her father’s wares? Will her parents approve of the reckless man with whom she has fallen hopelessly in love?

A Still Small Voice weaves an entrancing tapestry of the masterfully crafted, God-ordained events that forever changed the course of history.


It looks like my next post, aside from tomorrow’s story prompt, needs to be about books read . They are accumulating again. Not sure how that keeps happening. I guess I should be glad it does.

It hasn’t been a great day for new books but at least there was one.

Happy Reading …

… on this warm Saturday.

7c after our days of heavy cold is wonderful. The snow is melting quickly. The downside of this is yard work starts early, I’m not sure if I’m over last years yard work yet.

Oh. well, think of the muscles I’ll grow, digging and pulling.

I’m not sure that thought makes it better 🙂

Seriously though, I’m grateful for the exercise. Keeps me healthy.

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