Read and Enjoyed.

I was thinking. Often I make the comment about having no opinion on whether a book is good or not (when it’s something or someone new to me) but I rarely follow up on it after I’ve read the book.

Maybe it’s important or maybe it’s not, I don’t know, but the thought crossed my mind like it should at least be considered. I haven’t decided yet if it really matters but maybe I should comment, in the meantime.

A couple of days ago we had two Christmas collections, each written by the same four authors. I had no opinions then. At this point the read experience is still fresh in my mind and now I do.

I did like both collections. All eight books were good but my favorites were books one and two in each collection.

On reflection, I think it was mostly tone of voice that made the difference for me. Author personality showed through and some were more appealing than others.

Some included an abundance of detail that seemed less than important to the story, and I’m not a fan, so there was that too.

Anyway, I loved half of them and liked all of them.

The common theme running through the eight books was intriguing and did give these collections something to set them apart from the usual Christmas romance stories. It was definitely a cool idea that worked, Kudos for that.


There are more read & enjoyed to be mentioned but time is running out so I’ll save them for another day.

Sadly, it was a slow day for book suggestions so there’s nothing interesting to share with you. Maybe tomorrow will be better.

In the meantime, if you need something to read and haven’t downloaded these collections check them out, they are probably still at bargain prices and they are worth the read,

Until tomorrow,

Happy Reading!

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