Read and enjoyed July 07, 2020

This is a book suggestion from yesterday and I would like to tell you how I felt about it. A review of sorts. It’s still a bargain at $1.34

Christmas at the Lake: Two heartwarming sweet and clean Christian small-town romances set in Huckleberry Lake, Idaho (Huckleberry Lake Duets Book 1) 

Christmas at the lake

Amazon quote:

Calm & Bright
Will Brad and Maddie let God use a Christmas together for the sake of their son to help them rediscover the love that led to their whirlwind romance, and overcome the issues that caused their divorce? Or will the same issues divide them once again?
Even Maddie’s matchmaking grandmother and their adorable four year old might not be enough to help them get back together!
A sweet and clean faith-based reunion romance.

Midnight Clear
No one guesses teacher Claire’s secret heartbreak. Including town handyman and all-round good guy Ryan, who seems to think she’s “the One”. Only she knows why she’s not the woman for him. Easily fixed, her snark should make him forget her.
Problem is, it seems both God and Ryan have other plans this Christmas!
A sweet and clean faith-based enemies-to-love romance.

One of my first impressions was that I’d read the sequel to Calm and Bright (the first book.) By the end I was positive I had, I was just not sure where. These books have appeared in other book collections and it will have been in one of those.

Calm and Bright has complex characters with lots going on and an interesting and engaging story line. I enjoyed the read although it did feel like it could have been shorter and still covered everything nicely.

The characters in Midnight Clear appeared a few times briefly in the first book, with no real relationship to each other. There were hints though.

The story treatment in book 2 was a disappointment after seeing how it was handled in book 1.

There needed to be more depth and complexity to the characters, certainly, but more so to the story itself. There was not enough going on. Eventually, I found myself skimming the first few pages of every other chapter and didn’t feel like I’d missed anything of importance.

There needed to be more drama and maybe bigger roles for a few of the supporting characters, that could have helped improve the story.

The ending was abrupt and a big disappointment.

So, I liked book one but wasn’t a fan of book two.


After the book collection I read Hidden. I liked it as well as Calm and Bright… but

Hidden (Jones-Star Series Book 1)

Hidden 2

I did find myself skimming in spots. And while I liked it … I didn’t love it. It was worth the read though. It was a fresh take on relationships, not the tired story lines that are often used, and that was refreshing.


He’s a Montana Cowboy and she’s a Boston aristocrat.
Together they are broken ashes and spitfire, discovering common ground in a shared dream. But, even if they can somehow see eye-to-eye and partner-up, their past lives lay in wait, ready to pounce and destroy any chance of a new beginning.

The train arrives at the station on Patrick Jones’ wedding day, but his dreams go up in steam when it fails to bring his childhood sweetheart, Genevieve, west with it. Instead, he finds himself burdened with the responsibility of her adventurous younger sister.


I can’t decide where to go next. I think I’ll sleep on it and decide tomorrow.

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