Random happenings July 8th

It has been quite the day.

I remembered (for a change) to go out and move the watering hoses so the lawn could be mowed. It was a good thing I didn’t wait any longer, the mowing crew showed up earlier than expected. I was hoping they would be later than usual. The weed killer man came to spray the lawn yesterday around lunch time. The lawn crew was here by 9:30 am. It’s a good thing it rained hard in the night (whew), the weed killer was watered in and earlier worked.  The instructions were to wait 24 hours to mow. It’s pretty cool the way things fit together sometimes.

It wasn’t too long after my breakfast was finished that heavy equipment could be heard moving up and down our street. They are replacing the blacktop pavement and they have a big machine to tear up the old.  Of course it takes big long trucks to carry the debris away. When they get to my house I have to drop everything and watch because they move by fairly quickly and I can’t see much past my yard. Too many trees blocking the view.

I wanted to take pictures for my youngest grandson but couldn’t because my phone decided the memory was full and locked me out of picture mode. I couldn’t even delete anything to make room like I normally would. If I stopped to fix it I’d miss the fun.

Naturally, I missed most of it anyway. They took too long getting set up and my inbox was blowing up with emails needing attention. It’s funny how that goes. Everything happens on the same day. Feast or famine.

After lunch it seemed like a good idea to pull some weeds in hopes of waking up with a little exercise. It was a great idea, there was a nice cool breeze on a hot day and it was a comfortable productive time.

The great conditions didn’t last till after supper when I went back out. It was much warmer and the mosquitoes were loving it, and me. I was desperate to get more new shrubs planted so I hurried.

And here we are.

I did spend a little fruitless time today looking for books we might want. I did get some reading time in too. Meal breaks and cool down times. Any little chance works for me.

I wanted to write something earlier but didn’t have a single alternate blog idea. It worked out not too badly after all.

I’ll see if I can rescue a paving picture for you.

How was your day?


CAT is sitting there thinking about it. Too bad I can’t hold still long enough to take a clear picture!

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