Read and Enjoyed end of June version

It’s time again to clear out the collection of read books.

Any Given Moment 

Any Given Moment

Life can change at any given moment. Good or bad, one must make the most of it. Samantha Shaw thought she was giving each moment of her life a fair shot until former pro-football quarterback Wiley Black saunters into her world and shows the sassy tomboy exactly what she’s been missing.
A sweet sports romance for fans of happily-ever-afters



Get Up, Eleanor 

Get up Eleanor



Eleanor Petersen’s life shatters when her mother falls on the ice outside her Wisconsin farmhouse. In the process of settling her mother’s estate and sorting loose ends, Eleanor discovers the joy her mother brought to her little town. Despite her spiritual doubts, Eleanor forms an instant bond with a widowed Lutheran pastor. And she uncovers a secret that upends her view of her parents … and of herself.


A Ring And A Prayer (Book 1 Golden Bowl Series)

A Ring and a Prayer

Annie Brewster has dedicated her life to helping others, but now she’s going to need a little help of her own.
A beautiful gold bowl sits on a pedestal on the front porch of The Golden Bowl restaurant in Marberry, Maine, where patrons are invited to leave a prayer and take a prayer. Annie Brewster, the owner, has made it her life’s mission to feed people both body and soul.
When her beloved husband Russ died ten years ago, Annie threw herself into making the restaurant a success—to the detriment of everything else in her life: her finances, her home, even her heart. Annie believes in prayer and in miracles too, and she’s going to need plenty of both because her life is about to be turned upside down and inside out .

A PATH LESS TRAVELED (A Miller’s Creek Novel Book 2)

A Path Less Travelled

A recently-widowed woman is tired of being rescued. Though surrounded by friends and family, Trish is determined to blaze a path for herself and her daddy-starved little boy without outside help. Unfortunately, her attempts to run a small town business just doesn’t pay the piles of bills. Though the new attorney in town seems interested in both her and little Bo, the timing is all wrong. At heart, she’s a small town girl, but will her current life circumstances mean leaving Miller’s Creek?

When a world-weary lawyer starts a new practice in Miller’s Creek, he’s prepared for business challenges, but not for falling in love. Can the new attorney romance Trish and get through the wall of stubborn hurt encasing her heart? And can they see past their limited human understanding to take a path less traveled?

PoustiniaConsider the thornsThe One Who Rocked Aawy

Forget me nowOne Season of hopeKill Order

The Billionaire's Destined BrideBush Country CowboyA summer Romance Collection

Three Christmas NovellasJake's HonorThe Mail-order Bride carries a gun

Loving the Texa LawmanLoving Her Texas ProtectorLoving the Texas Negotiator

Loving the Texas StrangerLoving the Mysterious TexanMail-Order Refuge

Desert WillowThe Ransome

Cotton Tree Ranch

Happy Reading!


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