Free and bargain books May 30, 2020

BookBub has a $1.42 bargain suggestion for us. I like to vet suggested selections prior to posting them, always hoping to provide good reads. I’m not seeing the normal signposts to tell me good or bad. It’s difficult to know for sure on this one but it looks like it should be a good read. My apologies if I’m wrong.

Lacewood: A haunting love story that sweeps across centuries: Romantic Small Town Southern Fiction


Amazon quote:

MOVING TO A SMALL TOWN is a big change for New York socialite Katie McCain. But when she stumbles across Lacewood, an abandoned 200-year-old mansion in small-town Virginia, she’s enthralled by the enduring beauty of the neglected estate—and captivated by the haunting portrait of a woman in mourning she finds there. Katie buys the house on a whim and throws herself into befriending the colorful characters in the southern town of New Hope.

THE PAST AND PRESENT converge when military veteran and hometown hero Will Durham returns and begins his own healing process by helping restore the memory-filled Lacewood house to its former glory.

As Katie delves deeper into the mystery of the beautiful “widow of Lacewood,” her ownership of the acreage around the estate comes into question. When developers begin work to destroy the beautiful rural landscape, the southern charm of New Hope is threatened…and the townsfolk see her as the cause.

But destiny has bigger plans for Lacewood. To fulfill them, Katie and Will need to piece together the previous owner’s heartrending story, uncover secrets the house has held for centuries, and find the faith to accept their own painful pasts.

Part contemporary romance and part Civil War historical romance, Lacewood: A Novel of Time and Place is an unforgettable book club novel about love and loss, roots and belonging…and spirits of the past that refuse to be quieted.


BookRunes has a FREE suggestion for us. I’ve read one book by this author but cannot remember what it was like. We will try again.

The Missing Bride: Christian Brides Historical Series

The Missing Bride

Amazon quote:

Lily would rather marry a stranger than be forced to marry Edgar Carrington, a cruel ruthless man that fooled everyone but her. She prays God will help her escape and His answer comes in the form of a mail order bride ad. It takes careful planning, but Lily escapes Edgar and travels to Colorado, leaving her life behind – or so she hopes.

Lee Anders is smitten by his new wife. She’s strong yet kindhearted and beautiful. Yet he knows she keeps many secrets. How can they build a life together with so many shadows haunting them from her past? Will his love be enough to keep her in this wild and sometimes uncivilized place, or will she return to the comforts she left behind?


This has turned out to be a slow day for books, Nothing else new is showing up for us at the moment. We’ll hope tomorrow will be a better day

Currently, I’m starting the last book in a 6 book collection and it’s still a bargain at $1.39. They are short reads as there are only 298 pages in all. Not many pages for six stories. They have turned out to be OK stories. There is a bit of sameness to them all but overall it has been worth the time spent.

Honeysuckle Cove: The Collection: Books 1-6

Honey Suckle Cove collection

Sweet Tea and Summer Dreams ~ With the recent adoption of his niece Lanie, everyone in Honeysuckle Cove seems to have forgotten Colton James’s rowdy past—everyone except Vanessa Pearce. But when their paths unexpectedly cross once again, it’s Colton’s opportunity to prove to her that one shattered wish can lead to a beautiful dream come true.


Next, I’m trying to decide between

The River Beautiful Andrea Carmen (still a bargain)

The River Beautiful

The River Beautiful mingles history and legend in a fast-paced ride through the deceptively peaceful Allegheny Mountains on a quest for answers amid loss, strength in the face of love, a whirlwind of self-discovery, and learning to use faith to illuminate even the darkest places.

and tonight’s first book Lacewood


I’ll let you know tomorrow which one I picked.


I won’t be reading all night tonight. Not after spending four hours of intense labor in the flower beds today. I’m digging out old bushes with stubborn roots, making way for nice new ones. A make-over. I’m excited.

Tomorrow will be a writing day, to answer the weekly story challenge a fellow blogger has going on. The prompt is … Wrinkle. I have an idea how to use the word, now I just have to build a story around it. Haven’t started yet. I could be in trouble this time.

In the meantime…

Happy Reading!

Hmmmm… On second thought, maybe I’ll try The Missing Bride next. It looks interesting too.

The Missing Bride



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