Bargain books May 13, 2020

BookBub has a bargain suggestion for us. I’ve read one other book by this author, I need a memory refresher on the experience so this is good.

Just As I Am: (Unfailing Love Book 1) ($0.99)

Just as I Am

Amazon quote:

Adeline Rhodes has spent years locked away in a New Orleans apartment controlled by her criminal boyfriend. After a daring escape, she realizes just how far she has grown from the things in which she once believed.

Declan King has lived a life of solitude and duty for the U.S. Army. When the deaths of his grandparents bring him home to his family farm, he is forced into contact with people who know too much about his past to simply leave him alone.

When Adeline’s past catches up to her, the two strangers find themselves thrust into a fake relationship to protect Adeline from her vengeful ex. As their chance meeting begins a journey that heals old wounds, they struggle to stay ahead of the danger and deny their growing attraction to each other.

Declan will do anything to protect her, and failure isn’t an option when Adeline’s life is on the line.


Browsing unearthed an author I’ve not read, with a unique story that looks interesting. Historical fiction.

No Turning Back by Joanne Wilson Meusburger ($1.32)

No Turning Back

Amazon quote:

In 1898, Alex Meissen, son of a wealthy Austrian bureaucrat, falls in love with beautiful Katy Thannen, the household maid.

Forbidden to marry, Alex devises a plan for them to sail to America to begin a new life together. When the plan fails, there is no turning back. Alone in New York City, Katy faces a devastating dilemma.

If Alex finds her, can they start over considering the secret she now bears?

No Turning Back is a lovely old-fashioned historical love story. It is an action packed, thought-provoking and entertaining page turner.


A search for recently-read author Kristy K James brought me to this bargain book. I decided to take a chance on it because I liked her other book A Fine Mess.

The Daddy Pact (The Coach’s Boys Series Book 1) ($1.41)

The Daddy Pact

Amazon quote:

A murdered groom. An unexpected baby. A vengeful father. Can the killer’s brother save the day?

Raised in foster homes, when Jess Bentley promised, ‘til death do us part,’ she envisioned many happy decades building a family with Frank. But a desperate drug addict in a dark parking lot ended those dreams before the honeymoon was over. Convinced the empty place in her heart will never heal, she’s ready to give up—until she discovers their brief marriage resulted in a surprise pregnancy.

All Dan Mulholland wants following his brother’s arrest is to relieve the guilt that’s tearing him up inside. He is determined to help the widowed bride in any way he can, especially when he learns she’s carrying her dead husband’s child … and her wealthy father-in-law intends to take the baby.


I can hardly believe how short this list is considering the time it took, searching and reading first chapters. I rejected more than I kept, it seems. Oh well, it was a fun adventure.

I hope your week is going well and you are having a fun time reading too.




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