Books started but not finished May 03, 2020 Edition

It’s time again to clear out the collection of started-but-not-read. Books I tried to like but just couldn’t get into for some reason. This isn’t a commentary on whether they are good or bad. I would have had to read farther along for the ability to make that kind of declaration. I’ll admit there were a few I did decide I didn’t like, but for the most part it was just lack of interest.

So, in no particular order here goes.

The Zenia WoodCitizens of Logan Pond

Secrets and Lies TBRRemnants

Ride onTested by Fire

The Victory ClubThe deepest waters

The Gilded LilyTerminus

A letter from AmericaThe half Hanged Man


The first bunch were only taste tested. This next bunch all made it past 20%, some much higher than that before abandonment.

A Secret HopeFront Window

Death in the BeginningThe Evangelist

ElysiaYou Saw too much

Explosive ForceRelentless Love

The Seeking SeriesSacred Bond Guardians bks 1 to 3

I’ve read complete books in these two collections, just not all three of each.

Some of the books mentioned today have been on my device since 2018, it’s good to have things cleaned up and the number of pages reduced somewhat. I’d like to get it back  to under twenty pages but I don’t think that is going to happen anytime soon. 🙂

Happy Reading! May you find many books to like.

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