Another installment of Read and Enjoyed

Two parts to this April listing of Read and Enjoyed was not in the original plan. I have a bad habit of clicking in places I ought not to when I’m clearly not ready to hit publish. I’m never sure how it happens but I would guess it’s impatience. Wishful thinking that the computer will work faster than it does. Clicking in the right spot prematurely brings amazingly bad results sometimes. Oh well, no harm done… this time.

So to carry on…

This first book was a fun read. It reminded me of Get Smart the TV series from the ‘sixties. Not quite believable but fun anyway. I’m happy to report this is still FREE.

Red Rover, Red Rover (The Accidental Cases of Emily Abbott Book 1)

Red Rover

Amazon quote:

He makes terrible coffee, but he sure is good in a car chase!

Emily Abbott is working hard as a coffee barista in downtown Phoenix, keeping one eye on her tiny college fund and the other on the mysterious new guy with his profound lack of coffee-making skills. Just when she thinks they might be getting the hang of working together, she’s abruptly thrust into his world of espionage and danger.

Brent Peterson, aka Agent Nighthawk, needs her help protecting a defecting enemy spy and keeping the information he carries out of the wrong hands. But she’s just a barista—what can she do?


This next one is not trying to be fun but was a good read nonetheless. It’s still a bargain at $1.99

Agent Undercover (Rose Mountain Refuge Book 1) 

Agent Undercover

The traumatized six-year-old boy hasn’t said one word since the unsolved murder of his single mother. And now, the killer is after the child—and the devoted uncle raising him, Dr. Dylan Seabrook. Working undercover in the boy’s school, DEA agent Paige Ashworth is determined to find the murderer.But she can’t tell Dylan her real identity, what she knows—or just how close to the case she really is. Dylan’s strength and fierce love for his nephew soon have Paige longing to join their family. First,though, they must catch a killer who never wants little Alex to speak again.


Justice MissionKnoxWhispers from Yesterday

Her Billionaire CowboyCaught by Surprise

Guarding her heartDouble take

Take a Chance on MeVestige of Hope

Bear CreekThe Reluctant Warrior

Code of Ethics

A few of these books are still FREE or at bargain prices. Definitely worth a look if anything appeals to you.

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