Free books March 26, 2020

My brother called today to check up on me and we got to reminiscing about the hard times cycling in and out of the (many) decades of our life. Hard places that affected everyone, not just us personally. One thing is true about every single hard place we as a country, and even the world, faced – it passed, as a collective we lived through it. Health crisis and financial low places did not last forever. Wars that seemed hopeless, ended.

Somehow I feel very encouraged about this pandemic situation. Good things are going to come out of it. We will learn to do business and life in new and better ways. We’ll be reminded of what is truly important. Our priorities will change and life will be richer for it. Our relationships will become stronger, if we are open to it happening.

Today, Sars and Ebola are distant specks in our rear-view mirrors. One day, in the not too distant future covid-19 will be the same and life will be good again. Remember…just a speck, soon. Months, not weeks, but soon.

There are many things we could do to entertain ourselves hunkered down in proverbial storm cellars. Books are at the top of the my list and I think we need more. It looks like someone else had the same idea because there were more than usual to choose from. Check these out.

BookBub has a FREE suggestion for us today. From an author showing up regularly.

Whispers From Yesterday: A Novel

Whispers from Yesterday

Amazon quote:

Following her father’s death and her own attempted suicide, pampered socialite Karen Butler reluctantly seeks refuge at the home of Sophia Taylor, the grandmother she has never known. Determined to escape Sophia’s broken-down ranch as soon as she can, Karen resists connecting with its inhabitants – especially Dusty Stoddard, the driven director of the Golden T’s summer camp for at-risk youth. Karen is not the only one who has been wounded; Sophia, Dusty, and the boys have all suffered tremendous pain and loss. But by the time Karen discovers this, it is too late to escape; they have become a part of her healing and she a part of theirs. For through their kindness and acceptance, along with the diaries of a remarkable women who died twenty-eight years before she was born, Karen will discover hidden secrets and amazing truths that could lead her to the greatest love of all.


BookRunes has a FREE book suggestion for us today too.

Just a Little While Longer: A Second Chance Romance Novella (Only You – Book 1)

Just a Little While Longer

Amazon quote:

Giselle Reeves, a successful surgeon, is given a once in a lifetime opportunity to move abroad and ultimately change the face of medicine.

But when a terrorist attack strikes New York City on September 11th, Giselle finds her first love, whom she hasn’t seen in fifteen years, laying on her operating table. She never got over the wrench of leaving him when they were teenagers.


Browsing seems to be fruitful today too. Here is another FREEbee

The Superheroes Next Door (Truly Yours Digital Editions Book 842)

The Superheroes Next Door

Amazon quote:

Ciara thinks she’s fine without God or a man in her life. Ciara Rome doesn’t need God, and she doesn’t need a man. Her entire life is a proud testament to that declaration, and her master’s thesis is merely a culmination of what she has learned. So when she discovers her new neighbors include a single dad and his three rambunctious sons, she is delighted to have first-hand corroboration of her theory. Luke Weston is fascinated by his new neighbor. Ciara’s open admission that she intends to use his family in support of her wild theory is unsettling, but Luke decides to let his life speak for itself—and he turns the issue over to God.


One more…FREE

The Way Home: Amish Christian Romance (The Amish Millers Get Married Book 1)

The Way Home

Amazon quote:

When Noah Hostetler while on rumspringa loses control of a borrowed car on an icy road and drives into a buggy, the Miller sisters are hurt. Injured and with unforgivingness in her heart, Hannah Miller vows she will never again feel for Noah what she once did—a deep and loyal love.

Both Hannah and Noah believe that with God’s grace anything is possible, but healing from a painful past is no easy task. Can Hannah rediscover what once she felt for Noah before his terrible mistake, or will her heart remain closed to him forever?


A FREE book from my 2017 days and I still remember reading it.

Buried (Twisted Cedar Mysteries Book 1)


Amazon quote:

Buried (book 1, Twisted Cedars Mysteries Trilogy)
In the coastal town of Twisted Cedars, Oregon an ugly secret from the past has been festering for over thirty years when five librarians were targeted by a serial killer. Now an anonymous emailer wants true crime writer Dougal Lachlan to tell the story. To uncover the truth Dougal enlists the help of local Twisted Cedar librarian Charlotte Hammond.  

Since the disappearance of her older sister, Daisy, eight years ago, Charlotte has led a quiet, sheltered life. But as Dougal’s investigation proceeds she realizes there is no safe zone. Not even in libraries. And especially not in Twisted Cedars.


Keep looking up!

Happy Reading!

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