A few more free books for March 18, 2020

There’s more. What a happy thought!

This time two of the FREE suggestions are from 1531 Entertainment.

A Time to Dance: Silverton Lake Romance (Time for Love Book 1) is all new to me. New makes my day.

A time to Dance

Amazon quote:

After a bad breakup, Artist Deni Sparks has given up on love. When a friend wills her a lakefront cottage she packs her stuff and her Labrador and seeks solace in the home that once healed her. The catch? She must stay for three months and the cottage needs repairs. She’s no stranger to hard challenges. How hard could this be?

Architect Joel Anderson has wanted to develop the beachfront since high school, and now it’s even more important to help his hometown’s failing economy. But when the key piece of his development is left to a woman he’s never heard of that hope drowns. There’s a way to get what he wants—convince her to leave. How hard could that be? But with one look, he was hooked on the girl.

When things begin going wrong Deni suspects the handsome neighbor wants the house more than her. She’s been fooled by kindness and good looks before.

Coming Home: The Route Home: Book 1  also new to me

Coming Home

Amazon quote:

Logging camp owner Seth is Becca’s first love and the reason she turned her back on her hometown.

In 1881 Oregon, Becca is a university student, determined to be a modern woman and not a resident of a frontier boomtown. Now her brother’s dead, and she needs Seth’s help to find justice. If only she can avoid falling in love with Seth and keep herself out of the killer’s sights.

Seth enjoys having Becca back in his life until a piece of evidence implicates him in her brother’s death. If he tells her, he risks Becca leaving again.

As the stakes get higher, Seth must keep both of them alive long enough to offer a future to this woman he’s fallen in love with.


and this one is a FREE suggestion from BookRunes

We have seen this before but will never object to seeing a book more than once. I can recall this as a good read for me.

Return To Paradise

Return to Paradise

Amazon quote:

A detour and a freak accident result in David finding himself in the small farming community of Spring River. Is David’s arrival in Spring River purely happenstance, or is there a reason for him to be there? As David learns more about the corrupt practices of the local bank he must decide what role, if any, he will play in trying to stop the foreclosures. Complicating his decision is Sarah, a local waitress. With plans to only be in town a couple of days, David knows that Sarah will likely be just a passing acquaintance. But is that all she really is to him?

Happy Reading on this sun shiny day





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