Another Read & Enjoyed installment

There is a mixed bag of emotions in regard to this list of books. For the most part they held my interest and the reading went quickly. There was a need for speed reading in a few places and a little skipping of pages now and again, but not nearly as often as it has been known to happen in truly bad situations.

There is only one book in this group standing out as disappointing. Mainly because the opening had me all excited – it was so good – but then the momentum didn’t last. A strong beginning makes a slightly weak story seem even less than it might have otherwise.

Overall though, it has been a pleasing reading week.

The Marine's Marriage

The Gentile Patriot

Nurse's Date with a Billionaire


Traces of Guilt

Love & Family

Falling for you Wade

the Amish Widow

Not a Word

Happy Reading, y’all!




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