Free and bargain books February 21, 2020

Author Jennifer Youngblood has a couple of suggestions for us this morning.

Billionaire romances seem to be all the rage these days. I thought a subject like this automatically translates as tacky. I’m changing my attitude. After coming across a few great stories recently, I found some of them truly are tacky free. I’ve read and enjoyed a couple of  Cami Checketts’ (Jennifer’s friend) books in the last year and I’m expecting this to be a good experience too.

Shadows in the Curtain (Billionaire Beach Romance book 7) is FREE

Shadows in the Curtain

Amazon quote:

Every stage actress wants fans, but what happens when one goes too far? 
Emmy has the perfect life— a house on the beach, a successful career headlining the local theater, and love. But when a brutal murder brings unimaginable grief, Emmy’s world comes crashing down. As she tries to pick up the pieces, she can’t seem to avoid Josh, the new fireman in town. 
Emmy does her best to fight the sizzle in her chest when Josh is near. But with the stalker still out there, terrorizing her and those she cares about, she can’t fall for anyone—especially Josh, a suspect in the murder investigation.
If Emmy allows a man to get close, it’s not just her heart she puts at risk, it’s her life. 


Jennifer Youngblood is offering a bargain collection of her own this morning. It’s $2.62 CDN and $1.99 US. I’ve read one of the four books (False Identity) and downloaded two (and Burned) of them in 2017.

Romance Suspense Collection: 4 Complete Novels

Romance Suspense Coolection

Amazon quote:

False Trust

Victoria and her two kids are on the run—hiding from her ruthless ex-boyfriend. She never expects to meet Hudson, a rough and tumble cop with piercing blue eyes and ripped muscles. Nor does she count on kissing him in the storeroom of the restaurant where she works or slapping him afterwards, not once but twice!


Sydney Lassiter has the perfect life—glamour, wealth, and all the high-society status to go with it. But something is tell her that she needs to return to the sleepy little town of Stoney Creek, Alabama where she grew up. She hasn’t been there since her father was killed in a boating accident—or was he murdered? She takes a job as a safety consultant at the local sawmill—the same place where her father worked—and sets out to discover the truth about his death.

Promise Me Love

When tragedy unfolds to betrayal … a haunting love refuses to die …

Chloe Kensley tries to put her life back together after her fiancé, Dan, is killed. Things get really bizarre when she starts seeing Dan’s ghost. He torments her in her dreams, and her terror mounts to new heights when she starts seeing him during waking hours.

In her search to carve out a new life for herself, Chloe gets caught up in a love triangle with two very different brothers who have glamorous yet turbulent lives. She unwittingly becomes the pawn in a deadly game of intrigue and betrayal where she must fight to stay alive amidst the growing darkness. Will the ghosts of the past prevent her from truly finding love, or will she finally be delivered when darkness falls?

False Identity

A chance encounter leads to a chilling deception where nothing is as it seems …

Chancy Hamilton can’t bear the thought of spending the holidays without her late husband Max who died in a plane crash. When Chancy and her teenage son, Travis, have an argument, Travis storms out of the house and ends up in the wrong part of town where he is attacked by a group of thugs. When a homeless man comes to his rescue, he invites the man home to have a meal with his mom and little sister.

Gabe Jones is not like any other homeless man Chancy has ever seen—he’s confident, intelligent, and devastatingly handsome. Jake, Chancy’s boyfriend, takes an instant dislike to Gabe and warns Chancy to stay away from him. Nevertheless, their lives become intertwined, and Chancy is soon thrown into nightmarish events, bringing a terrifying aftermath that threatens not only her, but also the lives of her children.


I guess while we are at it we may as well add another hot collection to the mix. It promises to be clean. I don’t have any other downloads from this author but she looks familiar. Maybe she has taken part in some of the other collections I’ve read lately. I need to explore the possibility of this being a good read and the beginning pages of the first book look like they will deliver. The three book collection is a bargain at $1.29 CDN

Hot Navy SEAL Romance Collection: 3 Sweet, Contemporary, Military Romances

Hot Navy Seal collection

Amazon quote:

The Found Warrior

When Blaine Hammerton, Navy SEAL, is notified that his father died of a heart attack, he finds himself in Brooklyn, shaking hands with people he’s never met and accepting a random key from one of his father’s friends. As he finds himself lost in a mental fog on the streets of Manhattan, he never expects to walk into an art gallery, and he really never expects to discover a beautiful woman…having a breakdown. 

The Dream Groom

Scar Walker, professional football player and ex Navy Seal, only wanted to focus on getting his gym built for military vets while he was in San Diego. He didn’t want to take crap from his brother, he didn’t want to deal with a lippy waitress, and he really didn’t want random people calling him on the phone.

Shayla Castle came to San Diego to finally live out her childhood dream. When she accidentally calls the mysterious phone number left on her table while waitressing, she never anticipated it would be the handsome jerkface soldier who chewed her out that morning. It confuses her even more when the same jerkface shows up the next night and saves her from an attacker.

The Broken Warrior

Zane Kent, ex Navy SEAL and Thor look-alike, takes pride in keeping calm in stressful situations while being part of a ‘special teams’ vigilante group. But when he walks into a mission blind and discovers the woman who broke his heart 7 years ago is the target, the lines become fuzzy and his pride flies out the window.

Sarah Hamilton moved to San Diego to start a new life with her son and start a matchmaking business. She is shocked when Zane Kent shows up at a client meeting and down-right stunned when she finds herself asking for his protection. But it’s fine because their relationship is professional now. Too bad he kisses her. Good thing she slaps him.


Sorry for such a long post this morning but I couldn’t resist including these great synopses. I’m sure the writers will do a good job of delivering but if not the lives of the characters promise enough excitement to carry the show.

A couple of other sources have not weighed in yet this morning, I’ll let you know if there’s more.

Happy Reading!


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