Free and bargain books November 8, 2019

This mornings BookBub suggestion is a bargain book at $0.99 Christmas Roses. I first met author, Amanda Cabot, in one of my favorite book collection series using five contributors. I really enjoy her writing.

The story line is similar to other books just like it but the style and expression of thought makes it unique. I love it when the first few pages have me hooked.

Christmas Roses

I’m tempted to dive right in but first, The Chain You Forge is crying out to be finished. It is still a bargain at $1.30.

It’s a modern retelling of A Christmas Carol and it works for me. Sometimes retellings don’t seem to work all that well but this one does. It has enough similarities but adds a few new twists and turns to make it feel fresh and real. I’m pleasantly surprised to like it.

The Chain You Forge

Like Scrooge in A Christmas Carol, Benita is miserly and mean; in her business dealings and in the way she does life. Her late father was miserly and mean too and his ghost has visited to demand she change her ways. She will end up in chains like him unless she does. He decrees that the ghosts of Christmas past, present, and future will visit her over the next three nights. To show her the truth of her life and what it will look like unless she makes drastic changes. She needs to become a better person.

Scrooge had a happy ending, maybe Benita will too.

BookRunes just came though with a FREE suggestion. Stepping Into The Light. Historical Fiction set in the Scottish Highlands. I’ve read and enjoyed Candee Fick before and expect this one will be a good read too. The first few paragraphs look promising.

Stepping Into The Light

An heir is needed to protect the future of the chiefdom but the prospective young ladies all meet with tragedy. Before they even have the chance to become the needed bride.

Recently, there was a similar sounding book but this doesn’t appear to be it. I enjoyed that one and this one does seem to have some differences, at first glance anyway. I’ll give it a try to see how it stacks up against the other one.

Happy Reading!



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