Free books November 7, 2019

A FREE book today via BookBub, The River Girl’s Song.

A historical novel about a young girl left alone to care for her baby brother and her father’s farm, depending on friends to help her survive. We have seen this one before but it’s worth mentioning again.

The River Girl's Song

Another one FREE, found while searching Amazon. Shattered Rose.  I downloaded this one four years ago but don’t remember reading it. I’ll read it again along with you.

shattered Rose

A young woman with self esteem issues is crushed when the perfect man for her walks away. She meets someone else and her heart is slowly beginning to mend when  she discovers …

We will have to read the book to find out what she discovers.


One more book FREE. Stumbled over while viewing the last one.  A change of pace, Melody’s Christmas. An author new to me and the story looks interesting.

Melody's Christmas

A young woman home to help her mother with their business while grieving the loss of her father.

A neighbor, a single dad with a young son who decides Melody should be his new mom. A little awkward for dad.

Happy Reading!

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