Free books November 4, 2019

BookBub’s suggestion this morning has been free before and is FREE again. A historical novel about life for USA pioneers travelling across the country by wagon train. Wagon Train Baby

Wagon Train Baby

The trip is difficult for anyone but it’s even harder for a young woman travelling alone. The wagon master’s rules say a woman isn’t allowed to travel with his group unless under the protection of a man. Her father planned to make the trip when they booked passage but changed his mind and backed out at the last minute.

She’s desperate to move back home and make a new life for herself. A young man travelling alone sees her distress and offers his protection. At least long enough to make the trip. He’s stepping up to help her out of a guilty conscience. His fiancé was killed in an attack and he’s convinced it was his fault. If he had been there …

She has a another dilemma. She is expecting a baby. A secret she must keep to herself or they will leave her behind no matter how much protection she has.

BookRunes FREE suggestion this morning is Uncommon Ground

I have downloaded several books from this author, Joy Ohagwu, but it’s been awhile and I can’t remember  enough about them to make a recommendation one way or the other. I’m looking forward to a reminder.

Uncommon Ground

Stella is widowed and struggling with a difficult relationship with her teenage daughter when disaster strikes, changing everything.

Searching for her daughter she meets Michael, a man with a mysterious past. Danger seems to follow him everywhere and life takes on unexpected twists and turns with him around.

Happy Reading

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