Dream With Me Cowboy

I think Dream With Me Cowboy by Debra Clopton was the most fun I’ve had this week. I love it when  a book makes me laugh out loud and this one did. With a pink convertible, a take charge attitude, a mind full of great ideas, and the personality to charm people into following her, it made for interesting situations. On top of it all, the match makers are at work behind her back. She may not think of herself as a good candidate but that doesn’t mean they agree with her. 🙂

Texas Matchmakers – Dream With Me Cowboy book 1-  Debra Clopton . ……  a fun romance that doesn’t go the way it was intended. Some of the town’s elderly match makers decide to address the lack of potential wives by placing ads to attract young women to their small town. Lacy Brown sees the ad and drives her pink convertible into town intending to open a hair salon and do her part to help make this all happen. She has NO plans to be part of the solution by becoming a bride!

If you enjoy a fun read be sure to check this one out.

A few more good books this week:

The Sterlings Series – Secrets & Chance book 1 – Lynn Hastings and Z L Arkadie …… Rosalie escaped the abusive marriage but has not lost her close relationship with his matriarch grandmother who has invited her to a special birthday party. She arrives to find she has stepped into the middle of a major family dispute regarding said grandmother who has also disappeared….. because she is up to something. I liked the twists and turns in a new presentation of a familiar story idea. It was well written and attention grabbing.

A Deadline Cozy Mystery – Sunny Side Up book 1 – Sonia Perrin ….. another story with a bitter divorce and an elderly, disappearing, family member. Eve decides to accept the invitation to spend time with her mystery writing aunt only to find she has mysteriously left town (as she sometimes does when a new story is brewing) and there is a dead body. Of course. Eve is now a suspect but has to find the real killer….. it’s her civic duty. An entertaining and fun read.

Song of Suspense Series – A Melody for James – Hallee Bridgeman …….  Romantic Suspense,   a bond forms when their plane is storm grounded and he strikes up an uncomfortable conversation, intending only to pass some time. In the end they discover they have much in common and want to explore the idea of a relationship after this trip is over. Their plan to meet for dinner never happens due to bizarre circumstances,  which also means they lose track of each other. Years go by but neither can forget the other. There are sinister forces at work in each of their lives, forces that separated and will reconnect them.  This book keeps you guessing until the end, wondering if they will ever meet again.

Daniel Trokic Series – Under a Black Sky – Inger Wolf …..  a Scandinavian Mystery….  a prominent Danish volcano scientist in Anchorage Alaska is found brutally murdered in his home, along with his wife and son but their daughter is missing. Is she in hiding, or has she been taken? Is she alive or dead? Why has this happened to a seemingly well liked man, without enemies? Danish authorities send one of their top detectives to help solve this mystery involving one of their own. I enjoyed this enough to want to read the next book in the series. Sadly, it hasn’t come out in English yet.

Lei Crime Series – Rip Tides book 9 – Toby Neal …. poised to win the Triple Crown of Surfing, the Maui surfing star is discovered dead after a collision and fall in a wave  he could have easily conquered. A high profile murder case  with many unexpected secrets in the surfing world. This complex story made for a good read.

As always, I hope you will find some inspiration here, if not to a specific book then to the search for an interesting book, there are so many out there just waiting to be found.

Happy reading!


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