Books read and enjoyed March 25, 2023

I wasn’t sure about choosing strictly Romance novels for the most recent downloads but they turned out to be a very good choice. Great characters and well thought out story lines in all of them.

Hooked By Love: The Pattern of Piney Series Book One

This one earned a solid 5 stars for keeping me up reading half the night. I loved the quirky and brokenhearted Reesa. In spite of her pain she had a soft heart that was determined to provide for and protect her fatherless daughter. She couldn’t help herself, she had to be there for anyone else crossing her path too, including the fierce bear of a neighbor. He didn’t know what to do with her spontaneous and tight hugs. His grandmother said Reesa was good for him and set out to dabble in a little matchmaking.


Determined to provide a wonderful life for her daughter, single mom, Reesa Tate, makes a gutsy move to a cabin in the forests of Piney, Arkansas. Not only is it a short distance away from her estranged parents, but it’s overseen by an odd man that she can’t quite figure out.

Theodore Whitley grew up in Piney. After his dreams of playing college ball were shattered, he found himself sliding into a comfortable life in his hometown. A comfortable and quiet life, at least, until Reesa Tate shows up. Something about the woman gets under his skin, and Theo finds the more he gets to know her, the more he doesn’t mind.


The Secret Life of Lady Evangeline (Secrets Book 1) 

Another book I couldn’t bear to put down. It was all because of the awesome characters — and the hazardous lives they lived. Plus, having what it took to meet the challenges only added to their allure. At the beginning Robin Hood is a lady and so are her merry men. As days went on, though, their eyes were opened to the reality of threats on their lives and their property. That’s when things changed.

Fierce warriors were sorely needed . I couldn’t help but hold my breath and cheer them on.

This story wasn’t strictly Romance but it was well loved.


Everyone believes Lady Evangeline is dead…her survival depends on it.

If not for Lady Evangeline’s secret training in weaponry, her corpse would be rotting in a ditch. Instead, she finds refuge in a crumbling abbey—and new purpose. With her child dead and her husband lost to the lies of a devious plotter, Evangeline vows to fight for the starving widows and children in the villages surrounding the abbey. Masquerading as a nun by day, and an armed vigilante by night, she will free these people no matter what it takes.

Lord Henry Stanton still grieves the death of Evangeline. How can he ever shed the weight of guilt over not protecting his beautiful wife? She never even had the chance to know their precious baby girl, now healthy and thriving. Though he failed to keep Evangeline safe, he will stop at nothing to protect their daughter from the intrigue and corruption threatening not just the royal court, but the whole land.

When the worst happens, Henry must join forces with a nun—or is she Evangeline? They must overcome lies, treachery, and a broken marriage to save their innocent daughter—and the country—before it’s too late.


I’m currently reading another Romance book I can’t put down. I’ll tell about it soon.

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