Bargain books March 23, 2023

Do you ever feel like hiding from the world? That’s how I’ve been feeling, and behaving lately. Hiding from as much of the world as I can. I’ve even been in the process of letting this blog go. Things have changed and for some reason we don’t have the traffic we once did. I’m feeling like what’s the use? Until tonight, for just a moment or so, I wanted to make an effort.

With one of today’s suggestion emails I was drawn into checking out some bargains and came across a couple of romance type books that will be a light read. There was one catching my eye and I decided to download it but not bother sharing.

I can’t tell if people like the lightweight romance novels or feel they are a waste of time. I’m inclined to assume most people think they are a waste of time and resist bothering with downloading them.

I read through the first chapter or so of this book, looked at a few more suggestions and found another similar book but with a different author. I thought why not? and decided to download both books, just for me.

I intended to just walk away after hitting the buy button but then I remembered. One purpose of the blog was to keep track of the books I buy. If I quit, then what? So here I am sharing my finds with you once again, anyway. I can’t say I’m unhappy with the decision. It actually feels good to do this. My heart feels a little lighter and I want to smile.

Connection with another person, or two or three, has an unexpected positive impact on our emotional well being. I know we don’t have an actual connection but I’m sharing my heart, that’s important, and if you are reading this you are hearing my heart. Hopefully it’s a positive experience for you too. Maybe you feel encouraged and want to smile too. I hope so.


Anyway, here are my finds for today.

The Loner’s Wife: Small Town Bachelors – Book 2

They said she had burnout, but she had lost so much more…

Gloria Danvers is a planner and a numbers woman. She has a tragedy she can’t reconcile, so she’s decided to walk away from her six-figure job, corporate politics, and finance finagling to be a Yoga instructor. Starting over can be costly and after she just invested in her brother’s new business her funds are low to start her Yoga studio. When she tries to get funding her past comes back demanding to be dealt with.

They thought he was eccentric; he was waiting for someone who saw him

Reid Chance understood that love was a precursor to abandonment and pain. His mom loved someone so much he and his sister landed in foster care. His ex-girlfriend loved his money and left when she found out he wanted a prenup before marriage. He funded startups but he was at home on the land with his horses wallowing in the peace, until a woman with a plan makes him reconsider the love equation.

Neither one of them wanted to deal with the past, but they’ll have to settle old accounts if they want the payout of love.


Before I get to the second book I found there is a free book from this first author that looks interesting and is new to me. Another good opportunity.

Finding Home: Hidden Treasures Book 1

Everett Stansi had gotten all of his dreams except one. Now that
Ava Pearson was divorced maybe he’d have a chance at that dream too.

A treasure worth having is a treasure worth fighting for.

Nothing moves gossip quicker than a good-looking man taking up with a discarded gem.
That’s what Ava’s friends call her, a true gem. But Ava can’t see how that’s true when
her marriage of twenty years ends. She’s not finding much to shine about these days.
Until she finds friendship with a man who really sees her…Everett.

But as their relationship grows, so do the tales. Gossip is fierce around here.
And their careers and reputations hang on what those gossipers say. Will the tale-tellers
find gold in their story, or trash?

Everett is the only man in Treasure, California, who can see the gem she truly is.


Last but not least…this is an author new to me. I’m not sure what to expect but I’m hopeful.

Hooked By Love: The Pattern of Piney Series Book One

Determined to provide a wonderful life for her daughter, single mom, Reesa Tate, makes a gutsy move to a cabin in the forests of Piney, Arkansas. Not only is it a short distance away from her estranged parents, but it’s overseen by an odd man that she can’t quite figure out.

Theodore Whitley grew up in Piney. After his dreams of playing college ball were shattered, he found himself sliding into a comfortable life in his hometown. A comfortable and quiet life, at least, until Reesa Tate shows up. Something about the woman gets under his skin, and Theo finds the more he gets to know her, the more he doesn’t mind.

Can Reesa and her daughter find happiness in Piney?

And can Theo open his heart to new possibilities?


These books will provide a relaxing less intense read for a change and I’ll admit I’m looking forward to it.

This has been a good night. It has turned out to be a pleasant interlude, one I’m happy not to have missed out on.

I hope this will mean Happy Reading for you too.

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